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Cryotherapy Treatment for Weight Loss

by Max Anderson (writer), Dubai, December 18, 2014

Every technological breakthrough makes our life more convenient, easy, luxurious and fast.

Every technological breakthrough makes our life more convenient, easy, luxurious and fast. We get everything we need with a click of a button or a tap or a swipe. This has made our lifestyle erratic and sedentary which is the root cause of weight gain. People spend a fortune in traditional weight loss methods to get rid of this added weight. However, these weight interventions do not always pan out in the long run. The researchers all over the world have laboriously looked for possible solutions to this problem and the latest innovation in this field is using Cryotherapy for weight loss.

In a market where everyone is becoming extremely beauty conscious and vying for attention, weight loss is a prime concern on their agenda. They are perplexed with numerous amount of weight loss options that the market has to offer. They lured by enticing diet plans, supplements and invasive weight loss surgery advertisements. However, there is nobody to guide to the program suitable to their need. Medical weight loss centers in Dubai have come up with safe and non-invasive therapies for adults who want to lose weight. They are counselled and enlightened by trained experts to opt for the therapy suitable to their needs.

Weight Loss

Obesity has become a major international health problem. Americans seem to have been afflicted by this malady the most and they are considered to be the heaviest people in the world. Dubai is emerging as the beauty capital of the Middle East and it offers premium therapies and treatments to make your dream physique a reality without any surgery or invasive treatments. It is mushrooming with Medi-clinics and Spa’s which promise a painless non-surgical effective treatment of cellulite & circumferential fat reduction with the help of ‘Whole Body Cryotherapy’ or ‘Cryosauna’. This therapy has magical abilities to speed up the weight loss function in the body.

Use of cold temperature, cold water and ice packs to treat aches and injuries is an age old concept. Cryosauna therapy is based on similar theory. The science behind it is the removal of natural heat produced in the body by reducing the external skin temperature from 90.5 degrees to 30-32 degrees for not more than 4mins with the help of naturally cool nitrogen. This has the ability to increase the body’s weight loss efficiency by improving the body’s metabolism. It is a primitive remedy which has risen to fame in the present times, because it is natural, non-medical, non-surgical, non-invasive, cost effective and less time consuming.

Middle East is now becoming the hub of good health, wellness and beauty. VeinCure Clinic in the Middle East is the first facility to procure the Velashape equipment which is excessively used in weight loss interventions. It is FDA approved and is a roaring success among people who are looking for fat reduction from certain parts of the body without having to go through surgery or invasive liposuction. This is also used for tightening and evening out fat deposits in different areas of the body. Among all the Middle Eastern countries Dubai has started gaining prominence for its unique weight loss programs, Cryotherapy clinics and spas and chiropractic treatments. Out of many weight loss programs that Dubai has to offer, Hypoxi is very eminent. It has a targeted approach towards the specific problematic areas of the body which leads to faster weight loss and natural shaping up of the figure.

If you are fatigued and frustrated by the alluring promises of the existing weight loss treatment in the market, try the revolutionary weight loss treatments Dubai has in store for you.

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