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How To Spend Your Money Wisely While Hiring A Bouncy Castle?

by Kabir (writer), , December 14, 2014

Cheap rates, great service, fun designs, free-pick up and installation service…these are exactly what almost all bouncy castle hiring agencies seem to offer.

Cheap rates, great service, fun designs, free-pick up and installation service…these are exactly what almost all bouncy castle hiring agencies seem to offer. As a result, you do feel to be spoilt for choices while streamlining the right bouncy castle hiring service. However, no matter how enticing the advertisements of different bouncy castle hiring agencies seemto be, very few companies actually seem to live up to their promises? “Why?” You might ask. Well, the reason is simple. In most cases, the companies delivering substandard services are seen to employ cheaply made units, amateur supervisors and every other possible method of “cost cuts”, so that they can offer you their products for a “great deal”. Hence, in many cases, you end up hiring a piece of crap while trying to get the “best bang for buck”. Why take chances with the safety of your young guests? Why mind spending a few extra Pounds to offer them a safe and fun-filled evening that they are going to remember for years?

Actually, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the perfect inflatable for the party or the event that you are organizing. You’ll just need to be a little careful with your choices. Plus, you will have to look for the right place.

How to be “careful” with your choices?

Here’s help:

    ·Determine your actual purpose of hiring your bouncy castle. Will you use it to keep your little guests entertained, or you want the big boys and girls to share the fun as well? Are you going to use it in a small garden party? Or do you want to install it in the local fete? If you desire to hire an inflatable for commercial purposes, then make sure to look for a unit that can handle a large crowd. If you are throwing a private party, then hiring a standard sized inflatable will do the job for you. Again, make sure to hire separate inflatables for teenagers and adults.

    ·Do consider the weight limitations. You’ll see a number of bouncy castle dealers rating their units on the basis of weight and age of the kids who will ride in them. Smaller items are ideal for tiny tots, but standard sized bouncy castles have an age cap of about 12 years. You need to visit the manufacturer’s website for proper instructions on weight limit.

    ·When it comes to hiring a bouncy castle, the need to look for a safe unit does not need any explanation. However, many customers are seen to be absolutely clueless about the right safety features to consider. You might want to have a unit with safe tie-down because it prevents the chances of tipping. Bouncy castles with a strong base and anchor support also helps to reduce the risk of accidental falls.Look for a sturdy and stable unit to reduce the chance of wobbling. Moreover, if you are hiring bouncy castles for small children, then it’s ideal to hire a model with wide base and high walls. This will prevent the risk of falling. Also, avoid products which are manufactured from cheap quality materials which can bring many health hazards to its riders (your child might suffer from allergic reactions, for example). Optimally, go for products made from phthalate-free materials. Finally, look for products having soft floors because they can prevent the risk of serious injury while landing poorly or jumping.

Which Company Will Deliver You With The Best Service?

It’s impossible to designate any particular bouncy castle hire Cambridge as the best of its kind. There are a number of reliable enterprises in and around the U.K striving to serve its clients in the optimal way possible.

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By Sophia William on December 31, 2014 at 01:16 am

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By bounceycastleslondon on August 24, 2015 at 05:26 pm

Totally agree.. so many people not checking for safety certificates of bouncy castles.. i provide bouncy castle hire in ealing and they seem a bit more savvy there to be honest.

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