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Attract Your Ideal Weight

Attract Your Ideal Weight with Zaheen Nanji. Zaheen talks about the inspiration behind writing her book about how you can attract your ideal weight and be successful at keeping it off permanently.

People who knew me as someone who was once 40 pounds overweight have asked how I have been successful in maintaining my weight and they ask me what my secret was. They were prepared to hear a name of diet or that I exercise every day. I never did any of those except for exercise 3 times a week on my elliptical. My answer to them was simple – I changed my habits and changed my relationship with food. They were shocked with my answer.

In my new book "Attract Your Ideal Weight” I find people that had lost weight and maintained it and I found 8 common themes or secrets that they share which are outlined my book.

The research to write this book was challenging, it was hard to find people that had maintained their weight loss and kept it off for more than a year. I was enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I put a call out to the network I had there and I had many people come forward with their stories and before and after pictures. It was amazing to see how they had changed their lives and the impact it was having.

This is not your typical diet book. I don’t tell you how many calories to eat. Unfortunately, most people who struggle with weight tend to listen more to their minds – rather than their bodies – about what they should eat or shouldn’t eat and have this constant mind-body battle. I would like to change this. In fact, people who struggle with their weight have a difficult time understanding their hunger and satiety signals, and I explain this as the hunger meter in my book. Whereas, individuals who have maintained their weight report that they decided to listen to their bodies and give attention to hunger and satiety signals, which are connected to our brain.

Many people tell me that they cannot lose weight because of their metabolism. Your weight gain is due to you eating more calories than you burn – a calorie surplus, not on a slow metabolism. However, there are medical exceptions. It is also true that metabolism slows down 5% per decade as we age, if we are sedentary. So what does this mean?

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of calories your body burns if you did nothing all day. The more muscle you have, the higher the metabolic rate, i.e. the more calories you burn because your body has to work harder to maintain muscle mass because it is an active tissue. The way to increase and maintain your muscle mass and decrease body fat is through regular cardio and strength training. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics state: “Muscle burns more calories per hour than fat, which means that people with lean muscular bodies need more calories to function than people with a higher percentage of body fat. Our muscle mass decreases as we age, BUT we can counteract this process by picking up weights.”

Therefore, beliefs such as: Thin people can eat what they want and not gain a pound OR I cannot lose weight because of my slow metabolism is based on ignorance and excuses rather than being really curious about such beliefs.

This book is for teens and adults. Individuals who have struggled with their weight for a long period of time.

Author Zaheen Nanji is a professional speaker, certified success coach and behavioural weight loss expert. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Nutrition and an after Degree Diploma, Environmental Health. She owns Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta, Canada and is the author of three books of which two are co-authored. Attract Your Ideal Weight is available at and at

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By Yvonne Wu on December 31, 2014 at 10:10 am

Looks like she is having a virtual book tour with contests to celebrate her new book "Attract Your Ideal Weight."

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