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You Are The One – Real You

The best holds the best and the best is to hold the best in you, at the worst time…There is no finale, for the journey of life you commenced with...Life itself is a grand finale...its about life

When all that matters are subjected to scrutiny with no ill intentions, then it is all the more necessary, to behold the best reasons to answer your queries.

The best holds the best and the best is to hold the best in you, at the worst time…There is no finale, for the journey of life you commenced with...Life itself is a grand finale... Entire creation of universe holds the truth, that your existence cannot be denied…In your existence lives your hope…your dreams.

You are a truth, that can never be eliminated…that can never be destroyed…that can never be erased.

Unquestioningly, you exist as the undisputed entity, which quells many unwarranted dissections…which beholds the ground on love, passion, affection, empathy and generosity…You can never parish…Ordinary part of you as it may appears to others, but in it rest the enormity of humane reality…A reality which can never be bargained…which can, if ever be questioned, can withstand the rigorous sessions of rough and hard times… your subjugation to truth, at times, may not be compatibly befitting but still from the repertoire of oceanic truth of your life, you can always draw strength, which holds the magic to build.

Nothing can be destroyed, as long as you tread through times to behold truth and that’s how your ordinary existence becomes larger than life. At times the matters are settled with voluminous emotions and with strictures passed as resolution to obliterate your existence …but in your ordinary existence, you hold an immortality of your soul…soul which never dies…Even at the peril of humanity you would be the last one…the one…yes the one can be seen as hope to survive.

Cantankerous issues and conventions for sure cannot hold for the long time a sanity of love, passion, affection, empathy and generosity…No one can dispel the truth that you hold in you the truth of your beliefs…You are real…a real who cries and laugh with equal intensity…In you, you carry the truth and it may cost you at times momentarily but the truth prevails the adverse time…You lives in everybody on this earth…you are not a single soul…neither you are a crowd.

You are a whisper which sings a song of life…which melts the hardened stance…you are tenacious enough to ward of any evil intentions...In your tenacity you hold the brave heart and in your generosity a tender heart, which shapes your existence as the one that of a giver and...the one that of benevolent.

No matter how you can be judged and even castrated…mark my word you will last as a good human being…In an affluent and prosperous time you may not be treated as well as you deserved to be and in hard times too it can be worse… but you know, that you exist here not to bargain in return…No cost is as much as to equal your faith and belief…because you hold in you a human…yes the one who loves…who is passionate…who is generous…who is benevolent…who holds empathy for others.

The one who dreams…YOU ARE THE ONE –REAL YOU…Never Give Up!

-Uttam Gill

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By riginal on December 04, 2014 at 02:50 pm

nice post Uttam, so true,nearly missed it. Spent most of my life wishing i was normal, but i finally succumbed to the fact that someone has to stand up and be crazy for the simple reason people have to have something or someone to compare sane to as a guage to their own self realization that sanity is in the eyes for example of a shopper at a 'bargains' sale...where sanity and crazy seem to join forces however briefly? Cheers. Have a great Xmas...stay away from the maddening crowd. They're crazy! You may get a job online writing essays for students who haven't got the time to spend writing their own stuff because quite frankly they just don't have the time to reflect on why they haven't...sort of thing :>)

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By Angie Alaniz on December 26, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Hello UTTAM, I see you you're still writing with such beauty and grace with much passion in that heart of yours. Your writitng has always put such a smile on my face. :D

Its good to come and visit the broo and see what my good ole friends are doing.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your loved ones!

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