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My Broken Wings

by taking off the mask (writer), Los Angeles, November 24, 2014

Credit: BouncyFhuqkenBiites<$
The blackened and broken wings I myself once wore

There was a time in my life that I was young, naive, and to trusting. That caused me lots of heartache and confusion. I finally got away from my demons and rebuilt myself.

I no longer walk with broken wings on my back

because I glued back every feather

and painted over the tears with pearl white potential

and sewed up every tare with silver lining,

I untangled my dress and unraveled the lies,

I cradled my heart in my hands as I sang the softest lullaby

then I patched up every hole and removed every horned arrow,

I felt the rays of hope as it freed depression from my pores

my face is no longer endless shadows

my heart is no longer pumping poison into my veins

no I no longer walk with broken wings

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