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WOMEN: PUT AN X in your vote? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, November 23, 2014

Is it just a coincidence that a female is always nearby a political gaffe? Are our pollies all tarred with her same brush? Are we that consumed we can't see the wood for the she's? :>)


Once upon a time,in fact next weekend, i have to vote. Just a state vote. Of course when the 'meaty' lies of the "good ol' boys" are chucked in the sandwich of promises, pon opening? "Surprise!" People then meet in the local supermarkets after they bite down with concern on the paste of a bad thing on their daily bread, unable to work out why they themselves end up the 'meat' in the sandwich of, "bear with us, did we actually promise that?" Ummm...and they hum. "Oh! how very interesting Ralph," i hear you say. I know, BORING! But it gets juicer! Bad to the bone prior observation."Gosh! make sure you put the best candidate in, we do." Do we though? Those spurious debates, the controlled tempo, the infighting. And that's just your kid's arguing with you, "mum! dad! do we have to go with you to the belly voting box? You never listen to us anyway. Those idiots you put in last time didn't last?" That's what they're thinking? At least they get a quick lick of the of the political cone of promise voting day, but like the ice cream given to the kids to shut them up, the inevitable happens.

The bottom of the cone is bitten off, (that's what i did as a bored kid at the booth...still do :>)) and the promises trickle out? From both cones. Inevitable.

You just have to laugh as residue stickiness sticks to the candidates in Labor for example. Seems a belly dancing very attractive porn star evidenced by tonight's 'important news,' has been linked to at least four of the upstanding political "vote me in" guys. One, a good looking Indian chap? i think, must have been smitten, as they do get when smite rears its encouraging smile. I'm not blaming her, but why on earth unleash the supposedly tight rein resembling some sort of decorum before an election...and turn it,may i hazard a guess...into a week before election, to an erection? I just don't get it fellas.

For a brief moment of desire you guys who could have climbed aboard the gravy train of governance, are now trying to wipe the stain of indiscretion off your 'nomination' socks, to wear disgrace, accompanied by a very shift boot...unlaced?

Like i said, "i just don't get it? If any one of the four 'belly duncing amigos' ' wives, (assuming they have, or still have, wives, and or partners) had their wandering husband's best interests at heart, you think they would say to them in bed a week before the final erection or dismantling of promises, that they would politely warn the chaps..."look! you could be tempted to bonk a honey of a porn star in town, please bare with me and you can fix me up later, (when voted into office) end of story.

Does that sound unreasonable? Am i belly dancing round the wrong pole? I think Ms. PS was. I don't mean to sound smutty, or is smutty part and parcel of the 'game' whomever likes to dance the dance of political suicide via an alluring female? Think about this. Throughout history, the Bible teachings, etc, have described countless stories of leaders, a few good men, (good?) brought to their knees, (no pun intended) by a woman or women. Therefore am i right in my assumption that women the world over should be told to 'cover up' their femininity a week before an election? I am incensed the way women are possessed of that innate ability to lure, and i use that very word emphatically...serious i am here, and you can quake me...i'll repeat myself as history has done. The innate ability to seek out, lure, cajole, destroy mankind at will, by flexing their hips, walking the way women do, dressing the way they do, smiling the way they do, to sometimes bring a "could have been a great politician" to not only his knees, but to tantalize a guy so much that he forgets where his office lies...instead, lying to the missus about what he's going to the office for, or why he's not coming home from after a quick bite because he skipped lunch! Too busy skipping?

If i ever have aspirations to get into politics, i would have my woman follow me around with a 'political whip' at least two weeks before an impending election. That would give the weals an extra week to heal. I'm like that. An outstanding upstanding person of sincerity whom, during my office if voted in upon Principal, would cover myself with ash cloth, smear myself with cow dung to repel any interference in my goal...that being, to lead my country out of the wilderness, and put each and every woman on a pedestal out of reach. No sh...t! At least 20' high. And the next time my missus comes to visit me i'm going to tell her to bring my 21' ladder to ward off distraction. The way some candidates carry on...if that were to happen to them on the campaign trail, and they followed suit with my suggestion, they would end up suit less and most probably IN traction. The distant rungs of power?

Don't get me wrong, women are the next best thing to sliced bread. Therine lies the problem if you don't concentrate...burnt toast! You have a lot to answer for girls. Have you thought lately about going into office? You couldn't do any worse now could you? Just don't work back late. If i have insulted anyone or put a ladder in anyone's political briefs...please let me know, i'm a bit short sighted at times...briefly. It's the sun in Australia. Or is it residue smoke from burning toast? We must be vigilant and ready to pounce upon dis traction. Sorry, i already discussed dis. Have a great day. Women,you can never work them out. And if by chance you do...they're two rungs ahead from getting into office. Should try a key instead of climbing the rungs in an effort to peek in the window of frosted success? It's lonely at the top. Or is it? :>)

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2 comments on WOMEN: PUT AN X in your vote? RIGINAL.

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By Barbara MacDonald on November 23, 2014 at 11:53 am

LOL...seems it does not matter where you live...U.S.A., Canada,'s the same story. And these people are the ones that are leading our world...I do question this...

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By riginal on November 23, 2014 at 06:23 pm

T T it is not the Oval office i worry about, it is the ovulating office that should come under close scrutiny. A lot of our pollies are of the ilk that women should be obscene and not my opinion women should run the world...but in saying that, i've got a deep down feeling that they are? Let's face it girl, behind every successful man there's a COLD calulating woman...specially in Canada. I believe Mother Nature whom i have it on good authority is female, becomes quite frigid simply because she's sick of man's intrusiveness into her good nature. Putting women aslide in your region for a moment,a lot of women are loath to get on a political slide show simply because some men spank...sorry, speak, with forked tongues. Just like they did in the Wild West days. Shades of, "oh give me a home where the non political buffaloes roam?" You girls rug up in Canada and don't answer the door to politicians impersonating men...they're sheepish wolverines in wolve's clothing. Though it must be said throughout takes two too tango too, it may be the flaw that broke the frigid camel's back? Watched a doco on Canada, that train going through the rockies. Amazing. When i grow up i am going to aspire to be a Mountie, uphold women's rights...bear with me. Ladies, i stand for free dumb of choice, lend me your frigid votes...behind every successful frozen fridge there's a woman trying to defrost. I extend my hands to help break the ice. Women! you can't live with them, but most women these days don't want to? They are so busy living the life of Larry, and i wouldn't trust Larry as far as i could slide him either...if you get my snow drift. Already the two major parties are going at each other...they need a good Bollywood star to referee...ummm, come to think of it she tried four times. I don't understand women. They just always seem to be a discarded stilletto away from trouble? :>) You keep warm girl...

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