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Political leaps and bounds. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, November 22, 2014

Spin, spin, why don't you give me a drawl?..............................


Before i bitch, let me just say, I think, now and then, and that in turn leads sometimes to a headache, hot flushes? Men DO go through a change of life, sometimes wife, and the need to face the political truth! Sorry to use 'truth' and 'political' in the same mouthful of verbatim.

Truth is,do our political leaders, without discussion, (foes know the lie of the land automatically without prompt?) lie through their spin doctor's gums? Pre arranged dialogue from the spinning whirling dervishes of word, the 'spin' of chorus, which in turn is distributed, reproduced, and sincerely amplified microphonically to the waiting media analysts...their supporters? Before i continue, let me just say that i think Obama is an ok guy with his heart entrenched in the right place, but working below the trench stage his spin doctors present him with dialogue that upset Australian environmentalists. In his visit and presentation, for one instance, the Great Barrier Coral Reef. A reef of Coral that is precious for future generations.

Your leader stated that it is imperative it be preserved so that our children and his can view it in the future? Really? When are your children going to visit Mr. President? See, the preservation of the reef has become and will continue to be, a prime site of ongoing maintenance by our people. In other words, more or less, Australians got their noses out of joint because the distinct inference was that we were not looking after the place as much as we should?

More and more gaffs come to the fore as politician's try to 'out sincere' 'outscore' each others intent to the attentive somewhat puzzled throngs of people in thongs. Do our politician's before they mount their "i'm my spin doctor's lips " rostrums, actually READ what their S D,s reckon will be an applause winner to check for flaws? Just a a tad, before putting their heads in a "can't go back on what you've said" verbal noose ? No time? Rather like the spin ad men behind the spinning pulping 'bullet' machines that somehow by sheer dent of the fact NUTRITION squashed by this revving whirly gig will enable you, YES YOU! with a brief walk round the block,to drop 200 lbs virtually overnight because "OUR machine extracts/promotes something faster!" more sales? Bullshit! Should be damn well ashamed of yourselves ad men,or is it, Madmen? Rather like the truth presented with the outer skin of plausible removed aka the series 'Madmen' a great cynical expose but true, series of ad men who didn't mind 'adding' women from the office now and then? Disgusting, there should have been more of it, i mean some of those girls simply couldn't and didn't, add up at all...and i know for a fact American women do not fall for their fellow workers. In Australia we have separate walled enclosures to stop that sort of heady nonsense. Very strong cardboard walls with doors lockable from inside which state quite clearly and i quote, 'MEN' then down a safe respectable distance, 'WOMEN'. Then, right at the end, 'STAFF ONLY!' Any one or two even, not doing the "Right Staff," here in our offices get a simple warning. DIVORCE! Therefore no excuses. We are gentle people here. And don't you doubters think for one moment the "CLEANER" wanders. I mean how much cleaner can a workplace riddled with sly glances and unspoken passion, be? Don't be fooled by the word "MANAGER" either, or "OCCUPIED POLITICIAN !" Both of these creatures think we don't or can't read between their subversive capitals. IE: where in hell's name are they heading? Our broom cupboards are full of rattling broomsticks, rattling skeletons, an "awedoit..." sorry, an audit, is done on a regular basis to re screw loose mop heads. Replacement of broken polishing rags, dents in bucket list buckets etc.There's no hanky come panky untoward gratification among our workers. Mainly because of the fact that most workers have been sacked. Robotic female office girls, in my humble opinion, is not a solution. For a start they would slide ass over on their robotic hi-heels simply because they can't read "watch your step floor is wet...please use the stares!" And they're lousy spellers...and like those robotic cleaners, they just whirl round and clog up with dust and broken robotic hi-heels.

As i was saying before i had to stop briefly and wind an experimental robotic SD word infused, indoctrinated speaking Polly up, if you have a look at those before and after photos of dispensed weight "i'm trim, taut, terrific, through using mainly an out -of- control mush beater, it saved my life and i can now fit into my wife's wedding dress" i simply don't believe you guys. For a start, your missus found out that you were cavorting in the broom cupboard and she burnt it to teach you a time, if she forgives you which may be quite a while, she may burn it with YOU in it! BE WARNED! We don't do that sort of stuff here. See i purchased one of those nutrition beaters, no! i didn't turn it on, i ate the foam packing! Could this be a remake of 'Foam here To Eternity?' Because that's how long i believe it's going to take before an ad libbing, down to earth, honest, sincere, dyed-in-the- wool, (or silk) leader will take to spout a "warts and all" speech of his own volition. And believe in his own rhetoric without the SD bogey man's hand up the back of wherever to manipulate the speaker. I still reckon your President is a good man. Trade? I was offered an ad job once through winning a contest but i didn't take it because i would have had to lie...down after any reap the rewards a good liar can reap. Anyway, when i stand in broom cupboards i get claustrophobic! Let me leave you female office workers with this thought. "The ass is always greener on the other side." So could i ask you in all sincerity, don't listen to that seductive handsome office guy's drivel, buy your partner a pair of green pants! No mow problems? And as far as pollies are concerned, should we spin them and their spin doctors in the magic 'Bullet?' Or just pull the election trigger and fire them? Enjoy what's left of the world, and don't forget to moisten the greenery. A bit of compost added doesn't hurt either, ask your local spin doctor. Blooming S D's abound don't they? But the question begs...bound to what...? :>)

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By riginal on November 28, 2014 at 01:30 am

this wouldn't be a plug now on line...or are you saying, watch out because the ad band knows no boundaries? You make no relevance or sense? Have a great ad over xmas. :>)

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