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10 Ways to Save Money on Utilities

Ways to Save Money on Utilities

Water, electricity, heating, and telecom bills can eat a lot of your income, if you don't take steps to prevent it.

Utilities are like food – you can't live without them but you don't need much in order to survive. If your water, electricity, heating, and telecom bills look outrageous to you, don't get desperate how you will pay them but try cutting them down instead. There are many steps you can take to minimize your bills without much inconvenience and here are some of the easiest ones:

Cancel your landline. Landlines are so last century. In the era of mobiles and Voice Over IP, landlines are just an unnecessary expense. So, cut your landline and use mobiles or the Internet to make and receive calls.

Keep lights off during the day. A light bulb might not consume as much electricity as a heater or a fridge but when you have multiple lights on when you don't need them, this also contributes to your electricity bill. Use the daytime as much as possible. If necessary, rearrange your furniture – i.e. put your desk closer to the window because this way you will have 1-2 hours of daylight more each day.

Get energy saving bulbs. In addition to keeping lights off when the daylight is on, you can make further electricity savings if you get energy saving bulbs. Energy saving bulbs use electricity more effectively and they will help you decrease your electricity bill.

Keep your fridge and freezer full. There aren't many people who know that fridges and freezers consume less electricity when they are full, but this is a fact. No, you don't have to fill your fridge and freezer with food – using dummies, such as bottles of water or milk, etc. is enough to keep the fridge full.

Improve your isolation. Poor isolation is one of the most common reasons why your house is cold no matter how much you heat it, or hot no matter how powerful your air-conditioning is. So, if you want to keep the heat away in summer and in in winter, improve your isolation.

Use less hot water in summer. When the summer is hot, you don't need hot water that much. When you take a shower, use mainly cold water and just a little hot water. This way you will cool yourself, while decreasing your consumption of the more expensive hot water.

Heat fewer rooms in winter. If you live in a large house, it is very expensive to heat all rooms. Heat only 1-2 rooms, which you use all the time, preferably rooms, which face south because they are warmer anyway and you will need less energy to heat them.

Fix leaks immediately. Your money leaks through leaks. That's why, when a leak occurs, fix it right away. Otherwise, you will soon discover that the leak has doubled your water bills.

Don't leave water running. When you rinse dishes, or brush your teeth, there is no need to have water running all the time. Instead, use water only when you need it and shut the tap for the rest of the time.

Cut the use of electrical appliances. Cookers, fridges, and heaters are the main consumers of electricity but all the other smaller items, such as irons, hair driers, electrical phones and clocks, etc. also contribute to a fat electricity bill. So, try to cut their use as much as possible.

If you sit down and brainstorm a bit, you will certainly discover more ways to cut your water, electricity, heating, and telecom bills without cutting your convenience. Even small steps count, so every frugal step you can take, does contribute to less money spent on utilities.

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