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In Future Don't Ask! Do. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, November 26, 2014

When's the last time your broken heart wasn't Evo?.....................................................


The year 3050.

Genius Surgeon Ferbic belted his 4D strengthened Ferbic cranium on the light bars of his office sell.

His guard, 4D, although grateful for his Ferbic (Fend e ranz bi insert central) cranium 'extra dollop' strength implant, was just a little tired of being abused/belted, head bashed. The genius Ferbic didn't really care though. See, 'i am' robots didn't 'am' or 'ave' any say in it. For the simplistic reason, he had none. His 'tiredness' was programmed to amuse the doc. No-one questioned the doc's genius sanity or lack of it. By reason of his worth to mankind. People of 3050 ode him.

His Ferbic invention was simple. He had broken the sound barrier with his Teflon coated Ferbic which enabled the injection of e ranz to slip into the bloodstream, reach the heart, and from that main 'office' trajectory any damaged organ stimulated by the outside 'growth' interlink internetangled Ferbic machine...would reproduce a healthy organ to emulate the same size, shape, as the diseased one. After the new organ took root the rooted organ was then de constructed by Ferbic's de construction machine. Construction of which i'm not allowed to divulge. However,i'm only mortal and money, especially from 2014 angry pill popping factory down surge CEOs distraught because of Ferbic's invention, should ring to discuss...naah, i'm honest. Maybe in a weak moment...? Free insulin? Plastic pancreas (may melt my resolve?).

The defunct organs sucked out by 5D, his beautiful assistant, using a de construct 'suck up' syringe developed by Ferbic's observation's of pre-suck up recordings inherent, indeed, encrusted in 2014 Internet 'old technology.' ie: "buy our goods such as a food processor, which is a streamlined 60,000 watts version and it will grind anything to pulpified nothingness. Along with the nutrition." Ferbic acknowledged though, that 'nothingness' was the common thread that bound 2014 and 3050- in his Ferbic factories advanced internet sails; boats of dating sites and selling crapola- together. But wait! There's more!" But there wasn't.

Ferbic noticed with latent concern, whilst belting 4D's head on his private bar implant, that back then writers were also "out of their trees" to coin a phrase...if back in those days you were lucky enough to possess coinage...or, imaginative enough to come up with something different that people would sniff at. Then, present day, go back to sniffing something more tangible. That's why Ferbic held sway as a lynch pin in 3050. The mad genius, although self admittedly mad, employed literally billions of people in his Ferbic factories, churning out unlimited amounts of unteflon coated words. The words would stick in people's minds, thus employing billions of 'unsticking' sticklers. Are you with me so far? or are you going to rest on the Ferbic sofa and shake your head in disbelief or do a 4D and bash it on the bar of commonsense which in 3050 was only promoted and brought out on Halloween Day. There were no wars...99.9% of the world's population was employed...leaving a residue of 1% politicians who were busy. Doing nothing. There were no wars. Occasionally someone would chuck a hissy, injure someone. No matter, Doc Ferbic's worldwide patented factories fixed any wounded organ/body/. People just didn't and couldn't die. Very disappointing for some. People just felt great, enjoyed themselves, even differing hateful stupidic religions gave up stupidness. Utopia. What was the point of killing if 'Ferbic' brought people back again? Even if the occasional tyrant slipped through the net there was always six million Russian women to placate and repair Ferbically. Oh yes, those six million bombshells were still waiting on the superseedy 2014 in their net. Trying to cast from past tense. But i won't go there, some in 3050 still did though.

Now, this is the strange or estranged part. Ferbic made the mistake of falling in love with his own creation, Evo 5D. Every Monday without fail Evo 5D would turn up in Ferbic's office complaining of a broken heart as some woman are wont to do.

She would flaunt her beautiful Ferbic grown creational body. She could have any man, female robot (oops sorry...smelling salts?) she wanted. So too could Ferbic but he preferred not to meddle in her senses, to cheat, 'adjust' her electronic rational. He was a proud madman. He didn't want manipulative electronic tweak to force Evo to love him. Wouldn't be right. Right? So, Ferbic kept mending ?her supposed heartbreak. One day, perhaps two? Ferbic carried out some tests on 5D and found that the last time he tested her perhaps imaginary? self imaged Teflonferbic heart, it didn't really need fixing that much,if at all? Ferbic was baffled.

Ferbic told 5D so. He closed the door to his office,actually slam dunked it. 4D who was listening at the door, was showered with invisible glass raytronic ray. Serve the sneaking perving robot right. Ferbic placed an old fashioned bandage on 4D's head. Told him to go to the ray bar and imbibe on a ray of oily sunshine. He closed the now windowrayless door,gently. 5D had fallen asleep,most women, or at least robotic women, sigh, cling to their supposed broken heartstrings and fall that way. Because that's what women flail themselves with? The 'ache he break me heart' self whipping syndrome. So i've heard. Ferbic, his own heart fluttering wildly,woke Evo. Showed her her heart graph. She gasped. Seemingly perplexed. Ferbic sat her upright. She looked stunning. What cruel real/robotic man or...wouldn't love this beautiful wonderous woman? He spoke softly into her fervent Ferbic home grown ear. "Evo i love you..." "FERBIC you 4D numbskull!, i have been waiting to hear you say that ever since i started this 'broken heart' tirade.Your mad genius made's you i wanted all along...i love you more than 3D, 4D..." Ferbic grabbed an electronic broom...swept her off her feet. "My dear little Evo. I thought you would break my heart."

They married. Had two beautiful robotic kids. So human kiddie robot and realistic they kept waving their food laser inscripulators widefood scan and complaining to 5D..."mummy mummy, there's nothing to eat or drink!...NOTHING!"

You make pick as many floors as you like in this crazy see in 3050 the stories reached near heaven...see everyone still prayed and believed in opposed to this current situation whereupon everyone religious or no just seems to believe in blog? Nothing wrong with that i guess, Ferbic banned 3050 tele and telemarketing in his household. He purchased an Evo I Mitsubishi, actually a family hand- me- down. Twin Evos on the stairway to heaven! Get my drift? Evo did on the sharp corner rungs! Have a great day. Ferbic who's mad? Or is mad incremental? Like for instance you'd be crazy to think six million Russian women are ready to wait on you hand and foot. About as real as the rubbish i write? One point made? :>)

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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