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immune to devoted romances

by kAlIKoPELI (writer), San Antonio, Texas, December 01, 2015

romance is dead. why live and pretend that it's alive instead.

I don't know why I always try

I don't know why I give my all

and I don't know why I take chances

when all hope ends with good-bye

inspires me to rebuild my wall

and realize I'm immune to devoted romances

all that starts good always end bad

this just makes me so sad

I've tried to hard to contain my feelings

step out of myself and scrape up my peelings

and they never have me; my way

convinced with the words they say

no, no por favor

no me digas que me has amado

hasta el fin, el fin del mundo

por que en tus mentiras, yo me hundo

la realidad es que mi separo de ti

y vivo en mi triste mundo

un mundo oscuro, sin luz, sin sano

no se el porque, siempre tomo el amor sin pensar

que la realidad es que las cosas siempre no van a mi manera

I don't know why I always try

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