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Best Practices for PCB Assembly Manufacturing Units

by Marwick Bravo (writer), London, November 12, 2014

Identification of an electronic manufacturing service is very easy, but identifying the best from a handful can be a difficult task.

Identification of an electronic manufacturing service is very easy, but identifying the best from a handful can be a difficult task. Some electronic manufacturing services are offering customized services for overseas customers as well. In the recent years, China has emerged as the world’s factory, but there are several other countries that also have emerged as forerunners when it comes to electronic manufacturing services.

To get your PCB designs done the best possible manner, you will have to select a vendor who can give you the best designs at affordable rates. Even for designs, the vendors need to have the best tools so that they produce the best designs. Before you give your PCB assembly work to any vendor, you will have to make sure that you have selected the right vendor. Most PCB assembly vendors will take the designs from you and replicate the designs and give you the finished product. Before handing over the final ready PCB, the PCB assembly manufacturer will ensure that the PCB has undergone all critical tests.

In fact, they will make sure that all PCBs are tested fine before delivery. Once the testing is done, the vendor will deliver the PCBs to your location. If the vendor is from China, you will have to take care of the legal documents and all import formalities before you import the PCBs. After importing the PCBs, you will have to make sure that the PCBs are installed in the electronic goods. You can choose a vendor to do this or you can do it in-house if you have resources to do it.

When you have the first meeting with the PCB vendor, you will have to make your terms and conditions very clear. You may want to get into a contract with the vendor and outline all the work scope and payment terms. You may also want to add a penalty clause if the delivery of the PCBs are delayed. A project manager usually ensures that all the PCBs are delivered on time. The project manager is generally hired by the PCB manufacturer so that every delivery is tracked and monitored. Without the project manager, there will be no one to manage the deliveries.

To save money, some PCB manufacturers or assemblers would not hire a PCB manager and have some of their seniors lead the project. Although this may pay off in some cases, in the majority of cases, it may not be managed properly. In addition to the project management, PCB manufacturers need to have a good sense of time management. When they are given a deadline to meet, they will have to make sure that they meet those deadlines. Many China factories that are into PCB assemblies are also taking enormous efforts to ensure that all deliveries are on time. It is not easy to set up a PCB Layout & Design Services unit because there are two main pillars that an entrepreneur needs to build. The two pillars are technology and skilled manpower or labour.

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By Alice Ritson on August 28, 2015 at 08:35 am

Recognizable proof of an electronic assembling administration is simple, however distinguishing the best from a modest bunch can be a troublesome assignment. Some electronic assembling administrations are putting forth redone administrations for abroad clients also. In the late years Help with Assignments.

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