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A Dark Time In American Sports History

by robertanchor (writer), San Mateo., July 27, 2007


There is no question that this month has probably been one of the darker months in sports since the Black Sox scandal back in 1919.

All throughout this July there has been an ongoing chain of events with one being overshadowed by the next. The consequences of these events have been serious, and have either sparked harsh punishments, or investigations carrying potential charges. Never in a period of only one month can I remember there being so many negatives cases occurring within such a short time. Though it may be hard to say, it appears that at this point in time, sports history seems to be at one of its darkest. Nowhere does there seem to be any sign of light, because just when it looks as though something great is about to hit the clouded headlines, it doesn't.

Starting with the disarray that is currently the NBA, it now has to look deeper into the betting situation that one of its own referees is involved in. Further developments have recently uncovered that Tim Donaghy, former NBA referee, could in fact be tied into the mob by way of his bookies. Whether or not the mob had any play into how Donaghy would call the games he refereed, still is something else that has yet to be made known. There is no question however that the possibility of more being uncovered as the investigation continues will possibly cause some of the players and the fans to question the integrity of the game.

It is hard to imagine how fast the world of professional sports has gone from good to bad, but it's even harder to comprehend how things have gone from bad to worse even faster. This unfortunately is the case with the recent Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. As a result Vick has been given a federal indictment, which he had to serve in court this past July 26th. Even though the trial has even yet to initiate, there already has been witness claiming that Vick was indeed present at dogfights that they attended. An undisclosed whiteness described Vick as one of the “Big Dogs” in the business, due to the enormous amounts of money Vick would place on most of his bets. Guilty or not, I cant see how anyone could see this unfortunate circumstance as something that is good for the NFL or its fans.

Far from the fields that once belonged to the "golden years" of baseball, now stands the new era of the game. The ongoing steroid investigation plays a major part into how people will perceive what’s left of baseball's integrity. Steroids, gambling, and illegitimate records, have up to this point polluted today’s era. What’s been known as “America's favorite pastime”, has over time been altered into a modern day freak show, displayed for the public to see. Illegitimacy and question marks are what have labeled this era of baseball, and maybe its future. I only hope that the game, which we once built, has not yet been destroyed.

A fans worst nightmare is to have all that they experienced and celebrated with their heroes, later tainted by lies and betrayal. Where will our next heroes derive from, is a question that lingers in the minds of fans today. Sports were the one thing that most of us used to escape our daily lives. It was the one thing that we could always look to, to feel like a kid again. No one knows how long it will take for us to put our trust back into the world of sports, or the heroes it creates. But let us hope that this is not the beginning of the end, and is only a tragic minute in time.

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By rjlight on July 27, 2007 at 11:18 am
What once used to be great family entertainment has become littered with such controversy. Where have integrity and the love of the game gone to?
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