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Knowing About LED Lighting

by davidjones84 (writer), , November 04, 2014

Conventional LEDs are used for various display and indication applications from many years. The benefits related with LED technology are popularly known and are also documented.

Conventional LEDs are used for various display and indication applications from many years. The benefits related with LED technology are popularly known and are also documented. These include the power savings, maintenance and also performance features that are taken for granted by the electronics savvy consumers like brightness levels, consistent colour, longer life span, reliability and durability. These benefits along with the environmental concerns of society and energy efficient products have made LED to flourish further in the years. With increase in the demand for the lighting of solid state, LED manufacturers got motivated by the increase in demand of lighting in both the residential and commercial buildings.

For Residential and Commercial Applications

LEDs are the lights that are monochromatic in nature. It is possible to use almost all the light that is generated. LEDs usually follow a direction and so most of the light generated is emitted through lens. It is possible to save much amount of energy and also can provide efficient lighting if LED is used for the lighting of the commercial and residential places.

Why LEDs are Not Used at Homes?

In spite of the energy efficiency of the LEDs they are not made used in our houses. It is not possible for just plugging in them to wall socket as that of the other bulbs. Many companies try in overcoming the challenges economically and technologically so that the light fixtures of LED can be developed. Many are trying to make retrofit LED lighting products that use LEDs of higher power. There are chances for the packaging, optics, thermal management etc to be considered for the LEDs.

Thermal Challenges

In the last centuries, the traditional luminaries incorporated lamp socket and light bulb that enables the customers in replacing the bulbs continuously which are burned out. There are certain LED lighting companies that developed LED bulbs that can retrofit to existing sockets. This is the kind of approach that is not ideal. It is screwed for designing to protect lamp base.

Complex Drive – Circuitry

For protecting LED from the various factors of degradation that include voltage and heat spikes, the design of the drive circuitry is critical. Designs of the LED circuit need to be tailored as pet the requirement of application as the economical and mechanical constraints make it difficult to design it as catch all. Most of the lighting designs operate out of the power source that is of higher voltage AC. LEDs are driven by DC, utilization of particular power supply that is converted from AC – DC can be utilized for making the LED work. For ensuring efficient LED operation, it is also necessary for having a DC to – DC circuitry along with major power supply. This is important for providing necessary protection and power.

Illumination Angle

LEDs are the ones which are energy efficient. The light that is produced in the incandescent lamps may not reach as whole to the users. The retrofitting LED technology uses is tricky as most of the fixtures are designed for overcoming limitations associated with spherical lights that are traditionally used.

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By Breweres on February 10, 2015 at 07:44 am

There are numerous LED Manfactureres who ensure smooth operation of LED Perimeter and other LED Lighting systesm.

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