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Ebola or malaria,choice? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, October 23, 2014

there's a thousand ways to die and thousands do...perhaps a graph to explain should be enough?


Strange contradictory world we live in. 'Crass' seems to be society's axle everything revolves around pertaining to an out of round weird thought process that assimilates degrees of tragedy comparison to justify death itself...not to grieve or feel too bad about people dying, just to use 'alternative death charts' as indicators.

Lady on ABC interviewing CEO link coordinator to the various mines operated in Africa by Australian companies, etc, most i would hazard a guess do rather well, incrementally, small or large.

"...and in lieu of the devastation Ebola has caused sir, do you think the mining companies can help,or should help more, from their perspective of profitability they garner out of the mining region?"

Answer: "...and we do give ongoing support to regional communities etc, but you must bear in mind, 4,800 died of Ebola, 10,000 died of malaria...ongoing." Not word for word but is this a crass view whereupon 'relative' comparison justifies inevitable death? Ask the relatives of the deceased, or the poor woman interviewed who just lost her husband and child whom died of Ebola. She wasn't wailing, she wasn't cursing the God of disease, she was quiet, dignified. She simply said,"i miss them." Would that CEO have the same composure were he to don the mantle of that dignified lady's wretched circumstance? Can't blame the CEO, he's just a director, maybe doesn't have the clout to cajole or force any monies from the mining sector of which he is their representative, to help...or does he? Just thought his answer though maybe not meant to be glib...was.

'Weird' continues to permeate society. Token reprimands everywhere you look. "In the long run the machines will win." The prominent card thrust aggressively in the side of the slot machines here, with a picture of an Asian man with a sombre look on his face next to the message. "Set yourself a limit!" You only have to look at the Pawn Shop shows to get some semblance of 'limit.' You may argue "it's choice." You can walk away. You can smoke or not smoke...quit or not. The ulcerated mouths of the pictures etc on the packets. "You'll die..." Most counter with..."you gotta die of somethin' " Alcohol in moderation, the drive through bottle shops display a prominent placard..."ring this number for help." Basically after you admit to yourself you're a habitual drunk?

And on it goes. Drugs? Young pretty blonde living in a mansion in U.S. is arrested, caught up in police dragnet, gets a two year sentence for producing, distributing amphetamines. She chose that path. A guy shoots his girl in a bathroom, he gets a possible 10 months. If i could just hark back to the non-existent 'choice' option for the dignified lady who had no choice. Don't think she was a gambler, didn't have a fag sticking out her gob, wasn't staggering down the the street with a bottle of plonk in her hand. Yes, she was guilty of maybe being uneducated? guilty of loving her husband? had a child. Should a sign in her humble village, poor circumstance surround, have been crudely erected. Crudely hand painted, prominent. "Though you didn't ask for your life of poverty, nor did the other Ebola victims, your husband and child could have died of malaria...but the God of mercy is keeping count and their souls won't be put on the wrong graph" that what the bottom line is with outbreaks of disease? Graphic comparison? Then i guess you have the people who always come up with the crass comment, "wars are inevitable...(some obviously unavoidable) but some insist they have to be to prevent an outbreak of people, disease has to be acknowledged, has to cull."

I know, no one would be crass enough to say that,let alone think it. And if in a crass moment they did, and a dignified poverty stricken young woman stood before them,surrounded by the aura of silent pleading thousands of souls, and she simply said,"i miss them," and you believed in any sort of merciful God, could you look her in the eye? Accuse her of taking up space? Seems to me the volunteers once again take up the baton confused government always seems to drop here and there, but they're not perfect. Ask the dignified young woman. She just might have an uneducated opinion, heartfelt.

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By riginal on April 23, 2015 at 04:37 am

duh ter! You is one sly fox watch. Told you last timeTer, advertise on someone else's post my ticking timebonic adder.:>)

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