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Police Warn Of Thieves Targeting Power Tools

by Sydney Pro (writer), , October 22, 2014

Statistics reveal that thieves are stealing more power tools than ever before. Authorities are recommending that power tool owners be more pro-active in protecting their tools.

Recent statistics from the Victorian Police show that crime rates throughout the major Australian metropolitan centres have continued to rise, with power tools being one of the main targets of thieves. A recent report compiled by the Victorian Police has shown that robberies have increased throughout the last decade, with the rate of both automotive and household burglaries rising. Thieves are not only increasing the prevalence of their activities, but they are also focusing on different items than what the public may think of protecting.

Thefts From Automobiles

The total amount of thefts from automobiles in Victoria in 2013/2014 was 48,506, which is a significant increase from 42,957 in 2012/2013. The most common location for automotive break-ins was in residential locations. One of the most alarming statistics for tradesman is not only the amount of thefts, but also the items that were targeted. Power tools were the fourth most targeted item behind number plates, cash and wallets. Thieves often target power tools as they are easy to transport, are hard to identify and can easily be sold on online sites.

Thieves Beware

Thieves that are targeting power tools as an easy option have been put on notice with rising reports of vigilantes that are infuriated with the increasing prevalence of thefts from automobiles. In the United Kingdom a man recently tracked down over $6000 of power tools that were stolen from him and led the police to the thief who arrested the culprit on site. The handyman searched on Ebay for his tools and was surprised when he found them only two days after they were stolen. He won the bid for the items and organised with the local police force to rendezvous at the thief’s house when he went to purchase his tools back.

Protect Your Power Tools

Authorities are saying the key to reducing the amount of power tool robberies is prevention. Here are some of the best tips to reduce the risk of your power tools being stolen:

Paint your tools a bright colour - By making your power tools easily identifiable it reduces the risk that they will be stolen. Not only does it make them easier to identify, but it also makes them less valuable in the eyes of thieves, so they are less likely to take them.

Engrave your name – By engraving your name in your tools you ensuring that they are easily identifiable. Engraving is a better option than painting your tools as even if they are painted over you can still see the engraving.

Keep a serial number inventory – If you own a number of power tools keep a record of the serial numbers of all of your tools. Keep the record in a safe place and record all of the details of the tools, including: serial number, model number, purchase date and colour.

Some power tools retailers are introducing power tools which are enabled with RFID chips so that companies can track where thier tools are at all times. It is hoped that by increasing the awareness of power tool theft and the introduction of tracking technologies the amount of power tools being stolen in Australia will be reduced in the coming year.

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3 comments on Police Warn Of Thieves Targeting Power Tools

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By riginal on October 23, 2014 at 10:27 pm

you aint wrong in your observations and advice,don't the insurance companies love the oportunistic fee inurance premium rises to justify this thieving mindless no conscience out of control scourge which has become a form of macbre unemployed 'employment'? Some 'heathen' countries amputate a 'prized' possesssion belonging to a thief. Like a digit. That's way out of bounds. Paint your tools bright colors...yep. How bout painting the convicted thieves' faces an idelible bright red color to give ample warning to those who work their guts out to buy such tools? Nup, that could be reckoned as assault...even though the paint would eventually wear off...but not the propensity for a thief to steal again? Remember ages back a guy got pulled into court over stealing a banana. His excuse was "i was hungry." He had tried to get employment. The judge threw the case out, gave him $10 from his own pocket.

Problem with today's society? The 'honor' among thieves has been stolen. Bring on the indelible red paint. Jeeze! wait a minute, might have to go for a different color because as honesty stands ignored, bank managers, exorbitant loan companies, some car salesmen selling shonk...they all as a group,on occasion,wear bright red faces now don't they? pon being caught out? Just kidding, that's color discrimination. My apologies you thieving 'tools'... manipulating scoundrels. You know who you are, if you don't someone else does. Wasn't a real bright idea...maybe a T-shirt with the words "i'm a thief! what do you do for a crust...or a hit to escape vexation?" Sorry, forgot, T-shirts can be discarded, just like a temporary loss of memory. "Can't remember?" Sure you thieves can. Selectively. Devil's in the detail?

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By kittykatoon on October 28, 2014 at 11:29 pm

ToolGuard is a Victorian company which will help you with all three theft prevention suggestions.

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By riginal on October 29, 2014 at 03:07 am

with all due respect Kittykatoon,we wouldn't need to guard our tools if the 'tools' received a kick up the butt in their formative years. I mean we've all taken home pens from work? A lot of employees haven't an ink ling where to draw the line...simply because there's no pens. People pinch each others girlfriends, wives. Politicians pinch the truth...ouch! People wooden 't steal if they adhered to the "thou shalt not steal" commandent though now would they? My religious brother's view? "Why's all insured! if someone wants something badly they'll break into Fort Knox." I wouldn't be surprized if thieving is the end result of the fact that someone stole that 'no steal' commandment while humanity was busy ignoring a lot of other commandments. I know, a rather sacastic look at the world. I wouldn't be surprized if one day we all wake up to ourselves and face the naked truth...our clothes of truth and honesty have shrunken so badly that honest people are starting to feel the 'pinch.' Back to square one? Someone suggested to me that we should call of steal. But then that would mean stolen goods would fly out the door faster...then what to do about Batman's sidekick...Robbin'...? Stealing after all is an a fence...if you can find it after it has been re 'fenced'? :>) I get your drift though. Have a great weekend...steel yourself...

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