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How Will Tim Donaghy Investigation Effect The NBA?

by robertanchor (writer), San Mateo., July 23, 2007


What’s to happen to the image of the NBA now that Tim Donaghy is being investigated for fixing, and betting games, which he officiated in?

This past week has been a dark one, and one that has brought more negatives than positives for the NBA and David Stern. It is hard to imagine that corruption has now not only leaked into the politics of this nation, but now into the sports we find so pure. It is hard to imagine how corruption now has not only leaked into the politics of this nation, but also now into the sports people once found pure. No matter where people seem to seek competitive enjoyment there always seem to be dirt that has managed to penetrate and spoil our American pastimes.

This week it was made known by FBI investigators that former NBA referee Tim Donaghy was being investigated for betting on basketball games the past two seasons, including some, which he himself officiated in. Donaghy has officiated in over 700 games over the course of his whole carrier and had existed in the league for 13 seasons before he resigned.

Speculations have surfaced that the NBA was totally aware of Donaghy immersive gambling habits even before he started his carrier as an NBA official, which makes it hard to believe how the commissioner would not have taken a more careful approach to monitoring Donaghy more closely. Given in a case where the league is already for warned about the activities one of it's employers has makes no sense for as how they could let things get this far.

What this says about the league and how it handles it's matters with the behavior of it's players and now referees is something that stern will now have to face the music on and explain to players and the fans on how he could not prevent, what he knew could happen. It appears now that the one, who once tried to clean up the image of the NBA, will now have to try to maintain his own.

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