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One traveler's opinion. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, October 10, 2014

New York old hat? Vegas a pawnshop dream? Are delusions reality or is reality delusional depending on which side of the slot you're on? Or should we just fill the cracks with same old same old?


Talking to a woman, thin, tight leather pants, fashionable fluffy white top, well manicured, self assured, not beautiful by certain standards but then her personality in my opinion, made up for what- in some people's eyes-was lacking.Maybe 65, has a knockout blonde daughter very intelligent, D works in the T.A.B, (horse racing/ rigging? room).

Mum is a primary school Principal. Former teacher i would hazard a guess. Teaching/taming? young hazards? Extremely intelligent, softly spoken. She was sitting on her favorite slot. See a lot of women have a favorite game they sit pon, i think she said she was on her 400th press of the Chinese tiger game. Suddenly, as we were talking, the free 12 games came up,twice. She was betting fairly big, she won a mammoth $13. Not to be sneezed at, Though i did, as the 'free' chocolate drink from the auto dispenser got up my nose. You know folks, it is almost as if the odds on these chrome 'comforters' are rigged?

I sipped, wiped my hot chocolate mo,said to her, "would you consider yourself to be a 'problem gambler'? She smiled, "oh no no..." I grinned, just about to walk away, "i'm on holidays...just got back from Vegas." "And...?" my interest sparked. "Terrible..." she shook her head. "Just terrible..." she sighed, shivered, shook her short cute blonde hair. "Don't ever go there," she continued. The odds at the big Casinos in Melbourne Australia; supposedly Canada's twin city, are the same box and dice. IE: You can sit on your box all night pressing the dice. Maybe an ex Vegas refugee can fill me in? Please do if you can spare the time. Apparently the machines in Vegas are the ubiquitous mainly NUMBERS type as opposed to the different types of graphic configurations we have here with strident bangs whistles bells and women sounding like they have just relived their first orgasm, when the free games erupt. Some, i think, have never experienced a proper one because i believe you can't push buttons and scream like that without the machine coming out on top as a preferred hobby, (hubby?) maybe leading up to, "can you hurry up i'm meeting the girls,must have a shower, do you mind finishing off by yourself as my make-up brush calls...or, "hon, we'll make up with my brush later should i bang something worth money on my favorite slot." Maybe that was hub's intention in the first place? Just an uneducated guess on my part as opposed to a woman's part? i don't know,could be wrong.

Anyway, let's get off sex/love, for the time being, umm, didn't Ms Slot rush just say that? I'm getting confused, a lot of people do that. I think it's called 'slot interrupted us' the technical term for when something is jammed in the slot for whatever reason, and you have to call out to a trained slot person to unlock your box, maybe a refill or remove a dud which has lodged in the bottom of your track. They're not perfect, malfunctions do occur and sometimes need a good bang or at least a twist which the gaming operators are dab 'hands on' "get your feet out of the way please." A click, a sudden rush, all is fixed and the buttons await the next onslaught from fevered sweating fingers waiting for the mother lode grand slam win to eventuate so that the other players can say,"good luck to you!" when in fact they're thinking, " you fat face trollop i hate you and your beer guts hub, get a life!" Of course onlookers looking at your good fortune, enabling fats domino and the dribbling shrieking (as if she just had her first orgasm) enabling troll to afford lipo and live a life of luxurious travel, to countries afar. To visit for example, the slots venue in Australia, so that you can stick your reward winnings rearward into the outback slots or perhaps in anyone's back or slot for that matter. Maybe the new svelte lipo leaper will bounce round like a demented kangaroo on her husband's steroids, whatever.

I digest as usual. Ms Principal then mentioned she visited New York on her way home. This is where it gets interesting if you're still awake and having not had your attention diverted from your box. Have you ever seen two women fighting over their slots when they walk away from them and the 'reserve card' on their favorite slot has been removed prematurely? Not a pretty sight.

This is the crux of this overseas poblog slotty story as told to me by this lovely person who has traveled, and then some.

This is the sentence i was perturbed over, "if you go to New York you have to be on your toes" (do they do it standing up only in New York?) kidding, "you have to watch aware,,,!" Now what did she mean by that? Does the Big Apple have a slightly bruised core? Are there con merchants over proliferating the venues, streets, alleyways, nightclubs, more so than anywhere else in the world? Guess i'll never know as no one ever comments from New York. Maybe they're too tied up? Maybe they want or need to be tied up to break the everyday monotony/monogamy of their New Yorkian exacerbated Ellen D, Sienfelt existence beyond the unseen uncaring sidewalks of walking side- by- side, holding hands like we mostly don't in Australia. Unless someone like a Chinese tourist taking photos has just fallen over an Aussie 'sifting sand' cliff and his girfriend tells Chew to let the camera go and the twig in the side of the cliff he's got his skinny white legs wrapped round and to grab her profered hand but Chew won't because he just took a great picture so he throws the camera strap to her, yells out, "i see yu at the bottom!" She grabs the camera strap, checks to see IF he CAN see her bottom? Tourists here are like that. Tell them not to stand on a rock with their rods, they'll stand rock fishing til a giant wave tears their shorts off with the end result Chew's fiance doesn't even have to check her bottom as Chew is on his way down there after tumbling free fall for half a mile, simply because the photos he took will endear him to his family members, but Chew is rescued, a love tale of rescue from the bottom.

Or, did Chew actually prefer the 'bottoms up' approach photo finish?

i turned away from Principle, stopped. "My daughter went to Whistler..."have you been to Canada?" "Yes" she replied,winced, "Didn't like it one bit" Go figure? She didn't say why and i didn't press. Her parting remark as she put a 'reserve' sign on her slot to enable her to withdraw more cash to stuff in it, was..."nothing beats Australia OR this town!" Not from where i'm sitting girl, for i love heaps of people from the bottom or the top of anywhere where you're not talking to bimbos,users, con people, and people who don't trust. Does that statement deter me from overseas? Have to Chew the fat i guess. Chew was well on his way. A guy a while back called the 'Scorpion' on his website, invited me to Texas where he works intermittently as a bartender in a strip club full of rowdy raunchy people. And the houses are cheap. Should i bite the bullet of which i'm sure abound? Cheapen myself? :>) PSSS: look the above comments have been made by someone who has traveled extensively, just an opinion. Met a guy who has been terribly injured some years back, amazing his story and how his injuries have affected him,mentally and physically,we sat in a quiet bar and i agreed with him totally and his opinion, that women should be treated with respect not trashed, not like his ex trashed him when he was down. Catch you later, as Chew's girlfriend said to him before she grabbed his camera. I just realized today that death shakes hands with us all, so i'm not in a hurry to elbow my way to the promised land ahead of train surfers, Chinese rock fishermen,cliff hangers on, and camera strap grabbers. Life's is like that...:>) Have a great time. Viva Las Vegas? New Pork New Pork? See i just burnt the ass out of three sausages. They are as black as...they reckon if you burn your snags the coating will kill you. Rubbish! Wack more sauce on...yum. Lass next door is going to tell me how to get my own site etc. I don't know, people seem so false with some of the stuff they put up. A drunk i know, has solicited, if that's the word, a nice (so she says!) Irish girl. My new friend told me the guy next door to him is a broke lunatic who has just imported a Texan girl whom my mate can't understand a word of what she says? Next door's mum forked over the money to get her son out of her hair, is the world getting a tad jaded, or is it the slot we've grooved in it? :>) Have a burnt one. If the slot doesn't kill you the overdraft will...but then i could be Wong,or his brother Chew...or his photo grabbing fiance? Kick back, hug the driver who cut you off, with a stun gun, can't afford a stun gun? Oh well, just kick his back. Joking,make love not war. Put a bit of perfume behind your ears. And your wife's. Love the one you're with, or near as possible, cos if your car has been repossessed taxis are just so expensive. Then again, i'm not trying to tell yews what to do because if i did tell yews what to do and you did doed that then in doing dat you just might regret that, dude...and that's how people grow un two udders what udders do to you. Cow of a decision, but don't let udders interfere that's why i'm dead against implants. Udder than that,a good flossing and Bob's your auntie. Getting that way now isn't it? Who cares, you can die kissing barbwire, if barb is pointing the wrong direction. S'pose one could use kid gloves. You New Yorkers have a great day.

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By adamscott on October 11, 2014 at 06:17 am

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By riginal on October 11, 2014 at 07:43 am

wonder no more adamscott, i mean great scott i don't wear's a cow of a me the money and i'll write your ass off butt...or your butt off the leather. YOURS SINCERELY FLOG. And i mean that in a jock ular fashion. Thanks for the catalogue. Have you any leather condoms? Sorry,i know it sounds rough. :>)

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By riginal on October 11, 2014 at 07:43 am

wonder no more adamscott, i mean great scott i don't wear's a cow of a me the money and i'll write your ass off butt...or your butt off the leather. YOURS SINCERELY FLOG. And i mean that in a jock ular fashion. Thanks for the catalogue. Have you any leather condoms? Sorry,i know it sounds rough. :>)

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