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Spare a thought...RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, October 08, 2014

Takes something like four plus years for an earth signal message to reach the moon from earth radio blog...sounds great, if you've sent the right message? At least it gives you time to rethink?

DISTANCE. riginal.

Watching a program re: earth signals to the moon. Even if aliens existed there and had partners residing on earth maybe in Roswellian Estate; a new resort catering for wealthy such aliens running out of space, with saucer parking, plus fly crash bys, communication between partners and or lovers of this advanced species, there would be a problem of verbal or even thought delay between the two rocks?

For example the alien missus if possessed of similar earth contact with her moon hub via earthly signals,"Hello" would take roughly four plus years to reach the moon jumping cow "hey!" stack saloon. The alien hubby is sitting back in the moon bar with a glass of moon artificially grown hydrogen free naturally brewed oxygen. "Hello!" presents when he lifts the bar phone which was stolen from Las Vegas on his last sojourn to the slots. Aliens don't pinch silverware from such places, just cheese cake. A quick earth moonwalk getaway to the Roswellian estate...and off in the chariot of the blogs,a self contained alien site blogcraft that flys at the warp speed of WWW. com. au get out of my space! Big Al sends back a message earth space time style, "Hello dear, what on earth are you doing?"

Another four plus years go by, his return message signal reaches his missus who is hovering in the earth pool with a 'friend.' "Not much hon, did you turn the egg crater soup off that was time set for two years?" "Jeeze, damn!" after four years the burnt response comes through, "...i checked it 6 months ago it was simmering...clean forgot!"

"Hon i've sent you a lotto ticket, it will be drawn at the weekend," Four plus later the reply,"won first division, posted ticket back...via human post. Twenty years later...ticket is returned via earth post,to hubby's moon. 'Insufficient stamps' letter stopped two blocks away in earth box! Hub:"just finished cleaning the crater stove spillover, when are you coming back?" Reply. "Getting a full tank of cylindranic warp pedal hum now, my ET is roughly 6 million pedal pushes away. Just have to wake ET up. George is in hospital, got pissed in Vegas, stacked his cards, and his craft. The scientists asked George, who had a five of diamonds cut hand, how fast alien 'thought speed' travels through space. George, ever the stack up stand up comedian thought up,"four score and a tad more years," but we both know hon humans will never use thought projection through space...for the simple reason? They are bloody thoughtless!" Bit like me...Wonder how long unrequited love takes to reach say, Canada? Sorry i forgot, roughly four years? Give or take a Mountie? Have a great the one you're with. :>)

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