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One of Today’s Most Celebrated Players in Baseball Sports

by Carole E. Gibson (writer), Jakarta, Indonesia, October 04, 2014

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is the last season for Derek Jeter, one of today’s most celebrated players in baseball.

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is the last season for Derek Jeter, one of today’s most celebrated players in baseball. On February 12, 2014, he announced his retirement on his Facebook in which this announcement made many baseball fans sad. Not only did fans of New York Yankees but also fans of other baseball teams feel sad due to his retirement. Even, all baseball fans across the country have the same feeling. One of proofs about how people actually adore Derek Jeter can be seen through RE2PECT commercial that was made by Nike to honor Derek Jeter.

Early Life

Derek Sanderson Jeter that is well known as Derek Jeter was born on June 26, 1974 in Pequannok, New Jersey. Since his early age, he has shown that he is good at baseball. When he was at senior high school, he won several national sport awards. His achievements during his early age made him being noticed by the New York Yankees.

Career Life

Due to his sport abilities that were seen during his early age, he was chosen by the New York Yankees. His first career with the New York Yankees started in the 1993 season where he played in the minor league. During his first season, he made five home runs. After just one year with the New York Yankees, more people noticed his abilities and how he improved well. As a result, in 1994, several publications selected him as Minor League Player of the Year.

His bright career continues. In 1995, he had the chance to play in the major league. Because Tony Fernandez, Yankees shortstop was put on the disabled list, Derek Jeter could have his debut on May 29, 1995. His first debut marked his bright career because in the following year, Derek Jeter played full in the major league. In his full season of playing in the major league, he made 10 home runs. It was also the first time he helped in the World Series. His great performance during the 1996 season enabled him to win the 1996 American League Rookie of the Year award.

After receiving the 1996 American League Rookie of the Year award, Derek Jeter was known as an outstanding major league player. His performance helped the New York Yankees to win the World Series in 1998, 1999 and 2000. Even, due to his excellent performance and achievement, he was named as the Most Valuable Player in the World Series and the All Star Game. His name is listed in all-time hits list. Gold Glove Awards that he won in 2004 and 2005 simply tell the world that his abilities in baseball are excellent.

Unfortunately, due to his injury, he could only play in 17 games in 2013. Even, in 2014, he officially announced that the 2014 Major League Baseball season is the last time he is playing with the New York Yankees. However, even though he has retired, lots of baseball fans still wish that he probably will return someday.

Personal Life

Derek Jeter is well known for his brilliant career. Even though some people might accuse him of using anabolic steroidal use, he is never found guilty. His sport abilities enable him to become professional baseball shortstop. He is a 14 time all star and five time world series champion. However, he also has an interesting personal life. He is a good looking baseball player. His physical performance enables him to appear in various commercials.

He is also known as a baseball player who has a romantic relationship with numerous beautiful celebrities. Pop diva Mariah Carey, Miss Universe Lara Dutta and singer Joy Enriquez are some top celebrities who ever had a romantic relationship with Derek Jeter. Then, his generosity motivates him to help children by finding a foundation that concern with children future life. His foundation, Turn 2 Foundation focuses on encouraging young people to be successful, become leaders, and have a drug and alcohol free life

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