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Save the last pant for me? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, October 01, 2014

Are the strings of decent society getting knotted?


Listen up male of the species. Just listened to Michael Buble's rendition of the Drifters catchy tune 'save the last dance for me.' So many connotations and 'fight club' type of angst in this seemingly harmless catchy tune? In essence when you listen to the lyrics a jealous type guy when all said and strum of the heart strings attuned to your 'special lady' could take umbrage at the inference or am i being petty about pretty grippy close encounters of the nerd kind? If i may quote,"you can dance, every dance with the guy who gives you the eye? ...and let him hold you TIGHT!"

Get real! Okay fellas,are you the jealous type? Here's the rub, and if a guy is dancing with YOUR girl do you stand there misty-eyed while he rubs tight on the object of your desire thus far you may have invested kids, money,and a never-ending story of unpaid bills and mortgage repayments in! Am i reading too much into a harmless catchy tune?

Okay, here's the scene, this may be a knee jerk reaction but wouldn't you possibly have the urge to knee the jerk whom. according to the song, comes up to your woman on a night out and says. "I heard your missus, boyfriend, (to be fair to the opposite opposites of equal ) girlfriend, according to the lyrics of this song, "she can dance every dance with the guy,which means me partner, and you have to let me hold her tight and breathe my beery breath all over her freshly scented body!" Bullshit!

Are you song writers for real! It gets worse as the song goes on. "But don't FORGET whose taking you home? And in whose arms you're gonna be? Get real! Your female, male, dancing dog, says something like this to you? "gosh hon, i've forgotten whose taking me home? I've had a couple of wines and quite frankly this guy who was giving me the eye and has held me tighter than tight and is quite frankly turning me on...well, to be honest hon, i've completely forgotten in this pregnant moment of wine rush to the grey red infused matter who the hell i came with and am much confused as to whom is taking me anywhere?"

Is that the way girls you would act? I think not. Specially when your partner answers the guy holding you tight by giving him back his eye after a tight altercation with his thumb that you put there when you tripped on his face. This song in all honesty could fracture a long standing relationship,plus a jaw, don't you think? What think you, girls? Dance EVERY dance then possibly have "ummm...who the hell am i going home with tonight?" thoughts? Were past lyrical days more promiscuous? This blatant 'dirty dancing come on' smacks of mahogany, isn't that what it's called when your missus in a mad moment can't see the wood for the male trees and even stoops that low she would start a fight because she's tight and holding on to the blurry idea her partner is just going to stand there with a "help yourself sir...trip the light fantastic or elastic as the night wears on..." Yeah right!

So! You don't get jealous? It's okay for onion breath to squeeze your partner's which surely must be the case if he's holding her tight? Maybe i'm making a fountain out of a mole pill but it rankles me. "But don't forget whose taking you home and in whose bad books,possibly divorce arms- you're gonna be in?" A guy i knew used to play the drums while his mate danced with his missus, it took a while for it to sink in but his mate during a brief interlude from whence banging on the skins paused temporarily, ended with his mate taking off and banging hers so to speak. This actually happened.

Am i being over sensitive here about the 'sharing' basis? "Oh i know,that the music's fine like sparkling wine go and have some FUN!" Like what the hell! You might as well have brought along an inflatable mattress, strapped it to your partners back and said to the goose taking a tight gander,"go for it man!" I wrote to the fair play, fair suck of the sav tight dance "who the hell are you going home with girl advisory centre." FPFSOTSTDWTHAYGHWGAC in shorts...demanding something be done to alter this outrageous song and its imputationary war of the "come and get it" drivel.

I received a short terse reply quote,"tutti frutti, i wanna rooty" unquote! Have scheduled a meeting with the President of the U.S.A. regarding this smart ass reply. Pres left an answer on my answering machine. "Ba lop bop a loo la ba lop bam boom!" Sites for a bomb/bum drop in code? What the hell sort of answer is that? Was that the location where bombshell blondes are to be dropped? A sort of hussy fied zone where anything can be bopped? It's about time we all pulled our socks up, and showed a bit of decency,decorum, and pride in the dying art of singular faithful wining, dining,dancing, smooching, staggering, tight embrace...with your ONE and only sweethearts.

Just as well i'm not the jealous type. But if you don't want your eye loosened don't hold me or my mine in a restrictive grasp.

Or! Ask to take me home...honestly! You Americans need a good talking to. Moral fibre needs to be stitched up. TIGHT! :>)

Are we a society or just a bunch of 'dirty dancers'? I rest my singularity, and i'm giving you the the one you're with. And don't save the last dance or pant for anyone other than your loved one. It's up to you guys...i can't sort everything for you.

Hold on tight to your sense of dignity...or if you like i'll hold it for you while you rumba the legs off your true love. There's nothing wrong with dancing with the stars as long as you don't take the wrong 'dark side of the moon' home with you. I know i can trust you.

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