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Politically Motivated

by Tajammul Kothari (writer), Bahrain, September 23, 2014

How do we use politics to govern our everyday life

Politicians, in general are despised all around the world. They are looked upon as unwanted individuals who have no sense of governance or conscious and are busy doing things for their own selfish needs.

Politics is regarded as such a dirty profession that the word ‘Politician’ is often used as a cuss word. But if one looks closely; politics is everywhere and all individuals indulge in politics in way or another. Many of us, knowingly or unknowingly act like politicians; devising schemes to gain power whether in the work place, household, clubs or societies.

Similar to politicians, we form groups based on our own country, caste, religion etc and we make sure not to allow any other ‘outsider’ to rise up in life. We are always ready to cover up our own mistakes but are very swift in pointing out the errors of our rivals. Somehow, we are in constant fear of losing our position to others and hence resort to all the manipulative tactics in the book to retain our power.

Just like politicians, we too incline towards nepotism by favoring our friends and relatives for top positions or jobs at the expense of more talented individuals.

The funniest thing is that we are ready to blame the politicians for all the ills happening in our country but we fail to even realize the dirty politics that we play in our daily lives that affect numerous people around us.

Therefore, instead of accusing the ministers of misconduct, we should look within ourselves and ask whether we are doing the same for our own masterly gains. We expect the politicians to mend their ways but it is more important that we correct ourselves as well.

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