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2014 Archery World Cup: A Quick Recap

by katiesmith02 (writer), , September 22, 2014

The 9th Edition of the Annual Archery World Cup 2014 has been full of twists and turns.

The 9th Edition of the Annual Archery World Cup 2014 has been full of twists and turns. Organized by the World Archery Federation, the thrilling final matches of the competition were held on 6th September and 7th September, 2014.

The first leg of the competition was held a few months back between 22nd April and 27th April in Shanghai, China. The second leg was organized in Colombia between 13th and 18th May. It was followed by the third leg, which was held between 10th and 15th June, 2014 in Turkey’s Antalya. And then the much-awaited Compound Archery finale was organized in Lausanne in the beginning of September.

Willing to catch the highlights of 2014 archery? Following are the details of important matches, the finalists, and other major aspects related to this premier Archery World Cup.

Gold for Young Archer from USA

In the finals, the young blood blasted off. The US rookie, Bridger Deaton defeated PJ Deloche, the World’s number one archer. In his first match of the tournament, Deaton defeated France’s Sebastien Peineau, World cup winner of Indoor Archery, just by one point. He had set up for a more terrific semifinal clash with an experienced team mate Reo Wilde from the US. He had a head-to-head collision with Reo and just after winning the gold medal for the mixed team with the archer Erika Jones, Deaton ruled over the tournament. He won double gold medals in the championship!

In 2012 and 2013, Deloche made it to the archery finals, but he finished in the sixth position in both the categories.

This year, PJ Deloche also showed his best performance of the season. He gained the fourth position, losing bronze medal to Reo Wilde. Even in the gold medal match, Deloche failed to compete with Deaton. Bridger did not miss 10 till his 12th arrow, and by that time, PJ trailed just by four points. In fact, PJ could not recover till the end. Remember, the Archery World Cup 2014 was the first season for Deaton. Still in his 20s, this young archer has raised the eyeballs of the experts through his brilliant performance in the Archery World Championship.

Columbia’s Emergence Confirmed in 2014 World Cup

For the second time, Erika Jones was defeated in the final match by the archer from Colombia. Erika won in Istanbul in 2011, but she was denied the crown this year due to the emergence of the Columbian archers on compound archery’s circle. Erika, aged 25, has been in the senior team since 2002. She had been the top ranked player in the world till Sara Lopez ascended the throne only a few weeks ago.

After losing the Archery World Cup final to Colombia’s Alejandra, Jones found herself again losing in the final match against Lopez. However, the match was thrilling. Drawn after first end; one point advantage in Sara’s favor after six arrows; then level again after nine; Sara cleaned back six shots. Earlier, Jones showed a few setbacks. She faced equipment problems in Sanghai and also lost goals in the short off at Wroclaw. Sara won the final match at the Archery World Championship 2014. In the semifinal match, she had defeated Natalia Avdeeva from Russia. Natalia got the bronze medal by defeating Toja Cerne of Croatia.

The US Team won the Mixed Team Archery World Cup Title

US Archers rocked in the tournament. Together with Bridger, Erika grabbed the mixed team title for the US team. She dropped just two points in the first 5 arrows, before the duo cleaned the back eleven to secure mixed team gold in compound archery.

Their opponents, the host country’s Clementine DE GIULI and Patrizio HOFER, ended up trailing 158 to 151 points even after a complete sixteen arrow match. Erika Jones, the excellent female archer of the mixed team, was the only woman competitor of the compound archery quarter of the United States at Lausanne.

Clash of the Titans at Lausanne!

Home of the International Olympic Committee, Lausanne is scheduled to host the 2014 Archery World Cup final. In each category, eight top athletes compete at the final match. The compound archers shoot out at 50 meters and recurves at 70, with the brackets as well seeds determined according to the World Cup rankings of the archers. As already discussed, the compound archers showed their acumen in the field.

London Olympic 2012 champion, OH Jin Hyek of Korea returns in excellent form. He defends the title of the World Cup Championship, joined by Germany’s archer Elena Richter. Another archer in the league is Rick VAN DER VEN, the great Dutchman who completed at the fourth position in the final game. Other top contenders, such as Aida Roman and Marcus Dalmeida too were fantastic at the Lausanne archery ground.

The 2014 Archery World Cup lived up to the expectations of the archery fans. More surprises and excitements are awaiting for the fans in the coming years.

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