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A Bookstore In Kolkata With A Difference

by Swarit Chatterjee (writer), , September 14, 2014

Story bookstore in Elgin Road has come up with the various new creative ideas to energize people of all generations

No more dull traditional bookstores: Traditional bookstores can be little dull at times as there are shelves of books only and nothing else but the creative mind always searches for something new therefore 8 Elgin road book store has come up with their various events making the bookstore a happening place for the book lovers.

Plenty of events: The Bookstore has already created a razzmatazz around the city for its various events which have various shades and colours. From the book lovers to the artists; all have been coming to the store to have the glimpse of the events. On the list of the offerings are pens, art materials, toys, café, gifts apart from books. Stories are the tools to attract people especially children; Story telling is the famous way to make people aware about the fables and parables. This book store has arranged storytelling with the futuristic technologies to tell stories. Also, in this Puja season the Book store has organized a contest telling people to write about ‘Faith and Festivity’. They are holding writing contests on the theme on unheard stories. These stories are interesting and also adventurous. By these kinds of contests people will try their hands in writing. The bookstore gives special attention to the cultural tradition of the city so it organizes art and crafts workshops too. Also, event s of launching music albums of young artists is another priority of the bookstore. The bookstore plays an important role in making people aware about their city and duties towards it. Therefore, they have organized an event on Lego: policeman.

The bookstore is more than a storage of books: No doubt the bookstore is more than a storage of books. So come and enjoy the events. These events are designed by the experts in organized and systematic manner.

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