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Meads Club

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), September 10, 2014

Sharing the memories...It is about the days, when in youthful exuberance, we indulged in certain reckless and naughty activities

Those were the days, when in youthful exuberance, we indulged in certain reckless activities. It was not only reckless, but naughty too. Within the parameter of decency, we cultivated ourselves with utmost restraint. Let me take you on to the voyage of my youthful days. The year was 1982 and Indian youths were relishing the fresh lease of new found freedom.

I can still vividly recall one of the happenings and whenever I remember, it brings smile on my face. Oh! What a beautiful days those were…One of the episode, I would like to share, is that of year 1982 when I was doing Young Officer Course at Infantry School, Belgaum. I was then young 2nd Lieutenant .It happened likes this, that there was one Meads Club at Belgaum and we (YO’s) young officers used to visit this club on weekends. In one of the club night(Weekend), I, with few of my close friends, also went their…each one of us were smartly turned out and surely to impress the girls and were very jubilant about the evening. I befriend a Senior Army Officer’s daughter and very soon we were on the dance floor. Let me be very fair and humble in saying, that girl was very descent and brought up nicely by her parents. Whereas, few young officers like us, were baptized into drinking, only a month ago after earning our commission into the Indian Army and had very little endurance to hold the drink. That resulted into a fiasco. After 10 minutes on the floor, I left for bar to fetch drinks. At the bar there were other young officers and soon we all start talking about girls. One of our senior started bullying us in intimidatingly . As we were all quite sozzled, we challenged him to settle the issue, outside the club. In chivalrous mode, we all paraded out and it soon turned into fist fight and we grappled with each other…there was total anarchy but soon another officers intervened and stopped the fight…I thought no one noticed this incident and I charged the glass and walked towards the dance floor and saw that girl dancing with another young officer…the guilt sinked into my heart…With my sullen face, I walked back to bar…few minutes back with whom, we were fighting, were also there at the bar…our eyes met..and we all laughed…learnt the first lesson that being a gentleman never insult the girl/lady by walking away from her and get into any kind of brawl. Chivalry of such kind never impresses any girl/lady…At the end of the function, I tried to wish that girl but she ignored me and the senior with whom we had fight, noticed this and he came and put his hand on my shoulder and we all went back to our living barracks…
“lout key buddu ghar ko aye”(fools come back to home)He invited us to his room and pour drinks and said “Cheer up Uttam”…I Smiled …we all smiled…we talked..we laughed and at times tears too rolled down…with mix of everything, we carried on with our session till wee hours…Thank God next day was Sunday…Whenever I recall this incident…I go back to Meads Club of Belgaum…I don’t know where that girl is…where ever she is… I say “SORRY”

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By Barbara MacDonald on September 16, 2014 at 04:13 pm

This made me smile Uttam, picturing this evening and the lesson learned. The gentleman in you, apologizing even now. I'm sure you have been forgiven long ago.

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By Uttam Gill on September 19, 2014 at 01:08 am

Thank You So Much Barb...Feel So honored by your comment...

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