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Types Of Skylights You Can Choose For Your Home

by Eva Green (writer), , August 19, 2014

Skylights enhance the look and feel of a house to a great extent. But before you plan to buy a skylight, you need to know about their various types. Read more to find out.

Do you want to add a little zing into the interiors of your house, and make yourself an object of envy for your neighbors? From accent lighting to security systems, online shopping websites and specialized home decoration stores have a wide array of cool options for you to choose. In this post, however, we will specifically focus on an element that has been thrilling homeowners for centuries.

Skylights, in homes, have always been considered a sign of class, elegance and aristocracy. Added to this is the benefit of getting additional natural light. How is that possible? As the name suggests, they are special windows constructed into the roof for allowing “sky light” or natural light to come inside the house. In fact, light entering through a single skylight is equivalent to the light coming in through eight windows.

So, don’t you now feel tempted to get at least one skylight installed in your house? If your answer is “Yes”, then you should be first made aware of the most common types of skylights so that it’s easier for you to get the best one for yourself.

Flat Glass Skylights

If you are considering a flat skylight, then glass is the best choice. However, you need to make sure that you purchase a low-E glass. This type of glass is specially manufactured for energy efficiency as well as blocking both heat gain and heat loss. You will also have the option of choosing between laminated glass (blocks UV rays and has extra protection during breakage) and tampered glass (very strong and durable but dangerous when breaks). Moreover, you can use a die cutting machine to create interesting shapes, and fix them to the glass. These shadows will create an interesting effect inside your house.

Dome Acrylic Skylights

Dome acrylic skylights are the most preferable in commercial building for their multifaceted benefits. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot be installed in your house. In fact, you can easily harness all its commercial benefits. These skylights can help you fight fires, prevent water pooling and stormy weather, and get an immense amount of ventilation. Moreover, these skylights stay robust for more than 50 years. Therefore, you also do not have to replace the skylight anytime soon.

Pyramid Skylights

Pyramid skylights are perfect not just for period structures. Modern homeowners are steadily getting fixated on installing these skylights in their roofs. But why are people so fond of them? Apart from the superb results in the aesthetic front, pyramid skylights have perhaps the sturdiest structure in the business. The use of EPDM gaskets, screw spline, aluminum bars and silicon sealants make it the most reliable solution.

Venting Skylights

Venting skylights are especially for homes that have a slanting roof. This type of skylight is your best bet if you are looking for maximum amount of fresh air. Simply put, a venting skylight can act as a miniature version of an air conditioner. This skylight not only maintains a proper moisture balance, but also brings in cool air from outside to replace the hot air inside the house. Moreover, you can also integrate thermostats and rain censors to the venting skylight, and make it operate manually too.

These 4 types are the most common and widely used skylights. Do keep their names and the specific details in mind, and pick the one which you think is most suitable for your home.

Eva Green in Santa Fe Springs, California. She is associated with a company that manufactures die cutting machines. She is also a blogger and loves to write on various topics. In this article, she is talking about the different types of skylights you can choose for your home.

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