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At UN, Maryam Rajavi called on US to honor its commitments

by siavoshhosseini (writer), , August 14, 2014

At a meeting at the UN European headquarters in Geneva, Maryam Rajavi renewed her calls for the rights and protection of the residents of Liberty to be guaranteed by the United Nations

At a meeting at the UN European headquarters in Geneva, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran Maryam Rajavi renewed her calls for the rights and protection of the residents of Ashraf to be guaranteed by the United Nations.

She also called on the UN to send a dossier regarding the 1988 murder of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran to the Security Council in order to hold the regime accountable and to punish those responsible.

Dr. Sabah Al Mokhtar, Director of the Association of Arab Lawyers, said that the residents at Ashraf “have no rights.” He also stated they do not have enough access to food or medical treatment, with both not being allowed to enter the camp. Dr Mokhtar went on to say that these extremists do not represent Islam, despite calling themselves Islamists.

Tahar Boumedra, former Head of UN Human Rights Office in Baghdad, said that according to the memorandum of understanding signed between the UN and Iraq, the UN promised that those at Ashraf would be transferred to Camp Liberty and that none would stay there for more than 6 months, and now it has been over 3 years.

Boumedra also said that the UN promised to grant the citizens of Ashraf refugee status within those same 6 months, and to date none have been granted this status. He continued “the UN has failed those at Ashraf” before saying the UN must apologize to them.

Referring to the additional 7 who have been abducted, Boumedra stated “What is going to happen to the 7 abducted? We know very well that those abducted are in Iraqi prisons.”

The meeting in Geneva, which took place on the 26th anniversary of the 30,000 being killed, featured many speakers from around the world who denounced the Iranian regime’s influence in the region, as well as gave praise to Rajavi.

Irish MP Peter Mathews stated, “Thank god for women, and thank god for the president of this movement” before speaking directly to Rajavi, “if you were my mother I’d be proud of you, if you were my daughter I’d be proud of you, if you were my sister I’d be proud of you.”

Mathews then moved on to target the UN and its lack of response to the crimes happening in Iran and at Camp Liberty, “The UN should clear their ears out and listen more,” he said.

Rajavi herself asked “where can the UN be found? What role, if any, has the UN played?” She went on to say that the UN has failed to uphold its responsibility in Syria, in Iraq, and at Camp Ashraf. It has also collaborated with the Maliki government in Iraq in the forced transfer of residents while refraining from conducting an investigation into the September 1st 2013 massacre of 52 residents of Camp Ashraf.

On the 1988 massacre, Rajavi stated that there has still not been any justice and those who were responsible continue to be free and even part of the current regime—with the current Iranian justice minister part of the commission that ordered the death sentences 26 years ago.

“We are still waiting on justice for 1988, “said Julie Ward, MEP from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.

There was also talk of the wider Middle East and the current conflicts in Iraq and Syria, and how Iran’s influence is at the root of the cause. Rajavi stated that the mullahs are in fact behind all of these conflicts, and they are dangerous not just for the region, but for the entire world.

The senior delegation from the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, including its Vice-President, asked “where is the UN? When is the international community? Where are the human rights?” They also stated that the Iranian regime has waged war against the Syrian resistance and that if nothing is done, the Syrian conflict will engulf the whole region. The delegation then called for all those responsible to face justice at the International Criminal Court.

Rajavi ended the conference with calls for justice for the residents of Ashraf and for the UN to act and fulfill its promises it has made.

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