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The Prince of Procrastination. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, July 14, 2014

We all have done it, continue to do it at times in our lives. If you haven't then you have my admiration,no point in reading on.


You can tell if a person is a procrastinator. But i don't want to trouble you with my summations, perhaps another day when i'm good and ready?

I just feel like, well just...the word escapes me and perhaps i should certainly make an effort to look the exact word i was going to look up in a dictionary sometime soon for a future evaluation at a later date. Perhaps another day distant from the future because it would take a string of words to describe my disappointment in such a delay of thought process when in fact the words sit on the tip of my tongue but it feels unwell and i don't like disturbing it. Later?

I had it booked in for a 'de fur' but fur de life of me i can't think of where i put the appointment card but it's around someplace. I must look for it soon. Words can't describe how exasperated i feel. At a descriptive loss would be an apt description and doesn't do the feeling i feel, justice. To be quite frank. I WILL do it justice but i prefer to let justice run its virtuous word bandied course in its own good time for time is only of essence in a situation whereupon the essence of life trickles and coagulates to a slow tortuous winding down stoppage. A sort of... of, not the right word, but a knell of the final bell? The rasp and gasp of a like, sort of, old clock spring that sits unwound but i will wind it later. To catch up with father time. It needed winding up but no matter, if it sits inert and i wind it up some day father time is so busy forging ahead he won't notice the discrepancy. God may? Will give me time to unwind,kick back and review the situation that i must address as to where i can park my future aspirations where they won't clutter life's driveway of opportunity which indeed could stop another procrastinator from getting ahead of MY procrastination.

But when i think about it a bit down the track which i most certainly will, and approach at my own pace, parallel procrastination parking has, or could have, a dual purpose. I did the right procrastinationary thing, parked completely out of the way to allow room while i weighed up the pros and cons. However, the 'late comer' procrastination taking ITS time about it, was a tad wide for the narrow window of opportunity which separated us both. An 'upstart' of an idea accelerated through that narrow window. Scratched the sh....t out of both of us. That blatant opportunistic hasn't heard the last of us and after we talked about it, we as a dual stationary pair were shocked by the unwarranted lunge and quite frankly we were both so surprised at the intrusion upon our thoughts we have decided to sue the upstart as soon as we recover our thoughts which are due back from the dry cleaners,'upstart scratch' removers, quite soon. We must ring them in a while, meanwhile we'll think about damages. I mean we both sh....t ourselves at the audacity of the move. No thought went into it that we could think of, and we thought long and hard, i thought?

MORAL? Look! No finger pointing, but really we have all done it haven't we? I mean sh....t ourselves at the thought of an audacious out of our bum fit comfort zone. Pummeled/remonstrated with ourselves to near wordy self reproach death perhaps over something as simple as what to write? What job to take? What if people don't like what you write...? That's their problem. Never seen anyone hung by an opinion, least not in a Democratic society. "What if i can't handle the pressure of that job?" Can you handle the pressure of regret? Knowing full well you could have triumphed against the odds by giving it your best shot? And even if you didn't succeed you've quietened the beast of ambition and it can go graze and leave you in peace until you mount it again and again. Believe me, i could cut a finger off for every time i knocked back an opportunity. Nail it bare knuckled when you can. While you can, before that bleeding father time seizes the spring in your step and stifles your hands with the pain of rheumatoid "didn't have a go...itis."

I've presented nothing new. But in your endeavors YOU may. Forgot to add. PARENTS! Encouragement! Doesn't cost a dime. Even if it did, small change may propel someone you encourage away from a "dime a dozen" job which you know by their effort could lead to bigger and better things. Not many are born with a silver spoon in their mouth but i believe 'golden opportunities' taste better. Last longer, and the satisfaction factor is salve for the soul. Or is that soul salvation? You'd have to ask a dear friend of mine. She has something i just can't quite grasp. No rude intonation intended. Cheers, don't park procrastination. Stomp on it...discard crastination. Insert ACTIVE. Gets the blood of ambition flowing. Have a profound weekend.

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