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Hollywood and Archery

by katiesmith02 (writer), , June 30, 2014

The article describes the age old connection and influence of archery in Hollywood

  1. Archery is an extremely popular sport and hunting activity performed all over the world. It is one of the oldest weapons known to humankind-and bows and arrows have been widely used from the Late Stone Age.

Bows and arrows have historically been used for hunting animals for food, safety and as a weapon of warfare.

Hunters who were skilled in the use of bows and arrows were respected and honored by all cultures in the world-ancient paintings depicting hunters shooting big animals have been found in ancient caves.

Hunters have also been greatly honored as heroes in mythologies worldwide. For example the Greek God Apollo and Graeco Roman mythological figures like Herakles and Odysseus, and Indian Gods and mythological heroes like Rama, Arjuna,Ekalavya Drona etc were all renowned as skilled archers.

Archery may have gradually lost its significance in warfare with the advent of guns in the Middle Ages-but it still retains a place of pride in worldwide archery contests, specialized hunting and of course Hollywood.

Archery and archers have a place of pride in multiple extremely popular Hollywood movies. Hollywood movies influence popular culture, so whenever there is a movie depicting archers and archery, interest in learning archery spikes up among the general population.

These are some of the most popular Hollywood movies depicting archery:

Brave: Merida is an animated character in Disney’s 2012 movie “Brave”. Disney had decided to move away from its docile and submissive heroines during the time of its Renaissance in the 1990’s and created new spunky, independent heroines like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Jasmine from Alladin and Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Merida is cast in the same mould as these spunky predecessors. She has red curly hair, is strong and determined and a skilled horse rider and archer. Her interest in archery was aroused when her father, the Chief of Clan Dun Broch, gifts her a bow and arrow on her birthday. She gradually blossoms into a skilled archer. When her parents decide to hold a contest known as the Highland Games to select her suitor through a display of archery, Merida herself joins the contest and displays her superb archery skills.

Avator: This was an immensely popular movie, made by James Cameron-the director of the blockbuster movie-the Titanic. In this movie, the heroine Neytiri is again a princess from the Omaticaya Tribe which resides on the planet Pandora. She is a Na’vi a human like creature with some feline characteristics. She falls in love with the human hero Jack Sully when he gets into his Na’vi avator, and together they save their tribe and the planet from avaricious humans.

She is an extremely skilled archer and uses her skills for hunting, defense of her tribe and her love Jack Sully.

The Chronicles of Narnia:In the movie version of the highly popular series by author C.S. Lewis, Susan Pevensie enter into the secret, exotic and thrilling world of Narnia where she is gifted a bow and arrow by Father Christmas and made a Queen, and she uses her exceptional archery skills to defend her kingdom.

Blade’s Trinity: In this 2004 movie, Abigail uses her skills with the bow and arrow to form a Vampire Hunting group called the Nightstalkers.

Hunger Games: In this popular movie, the sixteen year old heroine takes part in the hunter games where two volunteers from each coal district are required to volunteer to fight each other to death. Katniss survives the games. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who portrays the protagonist Katniss, trained under Olympic archer Khatuna Laurig every single day and sometimes shot upto 100 arrows a day to perfect her archery.

Lord of the Rings: In the Hollywood version of Tolkien’s epic, there are many different types of archers and many different types of bows and arrows used by them. Perhaps the most famous archer was the elf Legolas.

Troy: This epic movie, based on Homer’s Illiad,showed ancient Greek and Trojan archers. The best warrior of the era, Achilles, portrayed by Brad Pitt, was finally killed by an arrow shot through his heel by Prince Paris of Troy.

These movies had a huge impact on archery, with children and teenagers eagerly buying bows and arrows and displaying an interest in learning archery.

The Hollywood movies depicting female protagonists with bows and arrows have also spiked little girls’ interest in learning the sport.

Katie Smith, a freelance writer, is expert in writing high quality content related to unique sports lessons for popular online publications. Archery interests him most. He receives professional training from Archery houston tx.

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