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6 Types of Older Men you Can Date

by LisaColnett (writer), , June 20, 2014

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There are a set of qualities and characteristics that a woman looks in a man before she makes a move. And it can be vice versa. But not all men look for the same qualities.

There are a set of qualities and characteristics that a woman looks in a man before she makes a move.And it can be vice versa. But not all men look for the same qualities. Their choices and interests might differ. While it is not hard to find a rich older man to date, finding the right one is difficult.

If you start hunting for a rich older man or a sugar daddy, you might come across different types of rich older men with different characteristics, qualities and personality. Most of my friends are dating older men, and I often ask them about what it is to be in a relationship with a man who is much older to you. After talking to them about their relationship, I have compiled a list of most common types of older man you are likely to encounter as you try to find your perfect match!

Ready to Marry:

This kind of older man is looking for a marriage material wife. They may spend some time scouting for the women he can proudly call his wife. These kinds of men are likely to be romantic in nature and are ready to invest emotionally and financially in the right person without any condition. Relationship is the priority for him. They will do anything and everything to make their women happy and content. Commitment is the most important thing they seek in a relationship.

The one who says NO:

These kinds of men are not ready to commit. They don’t want to get tied down and just want to have fun. They are ready to spend their time and money on a woman without committing to anything more than a romantic and lavish dinner before moving on with a new one. They are stubborn in their own ways and aren’t ready for commitment no matter how hard you try to convince them.

Too Old to Date:

These are the perfect examples of age gap dating. They are mature, financially stable and have spent their entire life in building their empire. They are smart and experienced and who doesn’t want to date a man like that. They might be divorced, married or a widower; they might have kids or even grand kids. They might not marry you but they are pretty clear about their expectations. All they are looking for is to have fun with no strings attached!

The First Timer :

They are new to the dating game. They are indecisive and hesitant about their relationship. They haven’t really set any standards yet. But these things are temporary. They might be young or old but they are more likely to try and explore new things in life.

Too busy to Date :

This one is looking for more than just a fling; he is looking for camaraderie as and when it’s convenient for him. They are working professionals and don’t have time for a full-fledged relationship. They are looking for someone who is available when he needs her to be, but that doesn’t mean they are needy or desperate. They expect that their woman understands that they have a busy schedule. Some of the men who belong to this category are only looking for an arm candy who can just hop in plane to join them on a business trip.

Married one :

This one is self-explanatory. They are married but are still looking for someone they can date. They want their relationship to be discreet and private which means not leaving any trace of their illicit affair. They dislike a woman who asks too many questions or expects too much. They want to play their cards safely. Even though they have an affair, they have no intention of ending their marriage.They want to fulfill their fantasy of being with a hot beautiful woman, while continuing their married life.

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