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Get Fit Without Paying for Gym Membership

by famousbloggerq (writer), , June 23, 2014

Cycling to work

Be in shape for free just living a better life!

Getting fit is a big goal for many of us but what if you want to do it without spending hours in the gym?

With the cost of gym membership these days it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking for alternative ways of working out that don’t cost so much. The following are some of the most popular ideas for doing this.

Get a Home Gym

One of the simplest ways to get fit at home is to buy the sort of sports equipment UK gyms use. This means spending a bit of money at the start but after that the exercises are free. Instead of looking at highly expensive new gear you could take a look at Gumtree, where you will find lots of bargains. You might be happy starting off with one piece of basic equipment but once you see the benefits you could be tempted to buy more gym equipment in order to vary the exercises you carry out at home.

Start Walking

If you want to stay fit and save money at the same time then walking is the way to get around. This is one of the best types of exercise around and it helps burn off lots of calories as well tone up certain body parts. Probably the simplest way to introduce some extra walking into your life is to start leaving the car at home and walking to work. This will add some extra time onto your journey but getting up a little bit earlier or getting home a bit later will be worth it. Once you get into the habit of doing this you might find that it starts to become a fun hobby you are keen to do more often. This could mean heading out for weekend hikes or even using your lunch times to get up and get walking.

Cycle to Work

If you want to find a faster way of getting to work then cycling could be it. This is also a very healthy form of exercise but it won’t take you as long to get around as walking would. In fact, if you currently drive through heavy traffic every day you could find that cycling is almost as quick. To get started you need a bike, of course. This is something you could try and find for cheap prices on the internet. Alternatively you could ask around if any friends or relatives have got an old bike they no longer use and wouldn’t mind selling you. Yet another alternative is to try and get hold of one for free using an internet gifting and receiving group. Once you have your equipment and are ready to get started it would be a good idea to find someone else who wants to start cycling and who could keep you company on the road.

Try Tai Chi

The previous types of exercise are all brilliant for getting you into shape. However, what if none of them are right for you? You feel that you would get bored working out at home, you don’t have time for walking and cycling just doesn’t interest you. In this case, you will be pleased to see that there are a number of other ways of build up your fitness that you might never have thought of. For example, Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that offers a lot of health benefits to those people who try it out. It can look very gentle when you see people doing it but it is actually a very effective type of workout out that will leave you feeling great. It is also free and ideal for people of all ages.

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