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Remembering to Walk: the Santa Monica Steps

by AM Nelson (writer), Los Angeles, July 09, 2007

I felt healthier already as her exhaust breath filled my nose with mint undernotes. I had found the Santa Monica steps. Sweaty accomplishment greeted my arrival. I wondered if my face would be aglow with Christmas spirit upon ascent.

The gentle knee creak of my snowboard accident, the pull of my torn ankle ligament, the steering wheel shoulder tension...yes, I was long overdue for a local favorite worth remembering.

The Santa Monica steps located at the end of 4th Street at San Vicente create a local gathering of stretching, panting, and exercising. Even cyclists gaffing plastic water bottles stop. I did not witness any kamikaze bicycle action, so I assume it is the general “get fit” flavor of the top that evokes ambition, adrenaline, and endorphins. I felt part of a community of health just observing the smiling pants and dropping sweat pellets. If you have ever enjoyed watching step aerobics on TV, while lying in bed, you will definitely enjoy sitting in the grassy area. Sunday morning clearly defines which portions are designated for pushups, abs, and recovery. Seat yourself correctly or the locals may ask you to participate.

The narrow stairwell provides fanatics with hours of repeat fun. Walking or jogging, the burn of 1700 stairs is effective to forget car fatigue. Encouraging and friendly locals politely huff up and down. Get on your Nikes, because various fitness levels are accepted here, and people yield more readily than on the 405.

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