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The Growing Challenge Of The International Assembly


It is time for Britain/America to exorcise the ghosts of the past and come to terms with its history as it steps into the new millennium.

It is time for the governments and all who participated or benefited from slavery to repent and admit to these colonial horrors of our past and the extreme effects of such a negative precedent. Allowing racism to continue sends a criminal message by stating that slavery was and is a positive alternative. Furthermore the message goes on to say that it was/is not a crime to commit an offense against the darker people of the earth and so we continue to witness these atrocities all around the world in self contentment and complacency.

The destruction of a people's way of life and the systematic exploitation and often brutal subjugation inherent in this process was predicated entirely on racism, profit and the myth of white supremacy. The myth of innate white superiority was encouraged and endorsed at every level in British/American society, as well as internationally and used to justify the many excesses of White imperialism.

The most abiding colonial legacy is the deep rooted racism that is embedded in contemporary British /American popular culture and pervade every aspect of modern Britain/American culture. It is this legacy that provides the basis for the Institutionalized racism in the world today.

After hundreds of years of experienced imperialism (historically the worst enslavement and mistreatment ever perpetrated on a people on the face of the earth) blacks have psychologically changed and become a different species among the human family hence a byword or proverb (The N word, coon, spade, Afro Americans, African American, Blacks, British, colored people, monkeys and so on) of all nations. However none of these bywords depict the nationality nor determines the essence of black people. History has determined that black people today remain the covert slaves of the present and the offspring of the overt slaves of the past.

The spear of the problem is never as simple as the solution could be if we would understand the essentials for global reconciliation as it pertains to this problem. As a result of this condition Black people have become accustomed to so many maladjusted or dysfunctional traits that were woven into the fabric of the people due to slavery and the after effects of that monstrosity and its toddler racism. Yet while blacks go unnoticed by the rest of the world for all of the great contributions they have made to every country in the world it grows uniquely distinctive that blacks face a life of servitude, imprisonment, and continued degradation by the same countries they have successfully contributed to.

If we were to release the quilt of these crimes by process of international rehabilitation it would favor the inhabitants of the world as it would signify a new beginning and a new humanity.

"Incomplete and imperfect as the process may be, it shall leave us less burdened by the past and unshackled to pursue a glorious future".
Nelson Mandela


The National Assembly against Racism believes that the celebrations for the coming millennium are not just an opportunity for the country to welcome a new era, it is also an appropriate point in time for the British Government to offer an apology of substance to black people for its role in slavery and colonialism across the globe. Britain enslaved and colonized millions of people in scores of nations and communities for centuries. However this action should be an international one as the problem that we are trying to address here in more than a national phenomenon it's a universal cataclysm like a meteorite which struck the whole world, and therefore should be address by the whole world.

APOLOGY OF SUBSTANCE for the new millennium

1 Make an apology for the inhumanity and injustice suffered by black people
over five continents through enslavement and colonization.
2 Formally apologize (establishing a monument of slavery and it formal apology) to black people in Britain/America those who have to live day-today with the worst legacy of colonialism: racism.
3 Acknowledge the voluntary and enforced contributions that black people have made to Britain/America and its economy, and agree in principle to the emerging demands for reparations.
4 Cancel the debts of Black people (releasing all people of color from prisons and any debt attributed to them within society) and countries which have suffered as a result of colonialism and slavery.
5 End the practices of neo-colonialism and advance the cause of establishing an equitable world order which not only involve the progress of the white establishment but that of black people all over the world as well. Further establishing a reformation and rehabilitation process for all blacks who have need of psychological and physiology reformation in an effort to return to the humanitarian echelon of approach.
6 Integrate Black history within the British/American education curriculum ensuring a true depiction of the past and the present.
7 Institute the same provisions (reparations) for Blacks that was delegated to Jews who were forced into concentration camps in Germany

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By Credo on April 20, 2011 at 12:33 am

I miss Anonymous reader, where is he?

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By TonyBerkman on November 03, 2011 at 06:07 pm

I just saw Anonymous reader on here the other day. This is a great article.

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By Credo on March 29, 2013 at 04:13 pm


Tardy response on my part; Thank you for your comment.


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By Mariola88 on May 26, 2014 at 05:22 am

Ok that is so special advice and pozycjonowanie stron

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