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Ignorance: The Unknown Weapon

by DKIdea (writer), Boston, MA, May 07, 2014

What you don’t know can indeed harm you and hinder your progress.

What would you say if I told you there was a battle going on, and the most devastating weapon of the battle was the one you’ll never know is being used against you? I know, sounds dramatic and covert, but when you stop to think about it (as I have), it may not seem so far fetched at all.

There is an old saying that goes “what you don't know can’t hurt you.” There is some truth to it as there are many examples of ignorance being bliss, but I can also think of many more examples where ignorance is destructive and prohibitive to the advancement of oneself. What you don’t know can indeed harm you and hinder your progress.

The problem is compounded when ignorance has become an established institution and those being deprived of knowledge willfully do so thinking that they are informed. There is probably nothing more gratifying to those wielding ignorance as a weapon than to have those they are victimizing do all the work for them. Some of what I’m about to discuss will fall on deaf ears and quickly become nothing more than one opinion versus another, but that’s what’s supposed to happen when nefarious machinations come to fruition.

The most obvious offender using the unknown weapon is the government. Not just this one…but any government that wishes to maintain the status quo for the benefit of the economic minority. I’m truly amazed at how many people still trust the government implicitly and believe the good nature of humanity always prevails over our deviant proclivities.Everyone has heard about some type of “cover-up” performed by those trusted with our best interests. The great machine would have us think such thoughts are the province of those not fully mentally competent, but if that were true…then why are there even “whistleblowers” willing to divulge what we never knew? Why do we attack and denounce those that actually do let their good nature prevail? Sounds a bit topsy-turvy to me.

Why is it so hard to fathom that there are elements within our society that wish to stifle knowledge for their own benefit? I mean, really? History is replete with examples of this, yet we deny it when it comes to certain subjects because the damage it will do to our world view is more than we can bare. I say we toughen up, ask the hard questions and accept the cold answers. If we don’t, how can we ever hope to make serious progress or shape a better world for our children?

Look at healthcare. The whole system is designed for making profit, so it shouldn’t be so hard to believe when we hear whispers of our health being given a deliberate back seat to profit margins. I mean, do you really think a pharmaceutical company is going to willingly lose money to make you healthy? People would go to jail for that…so why is it a stretch to understand that they will gladly make money, at the expense of your health?

There are some thinking I’m a “conspiracy theorist”, or that I’m off my meds, but the truth is all that is required for a conspiracy to happen is for a two or more people to plan in secret (happens all the time) and I’m not on any medication (shocker). I’m very sane (debatable depending on whom you ask), very logical and very much understand that in life, anything that can happen on a small scale, can be duplicated on a larger one. In fact, it happens all the time.

Two people fight. Two small groups of people fight. Two large armies of people fight. Two countries full of people fight. Heck…you can even say all that can happen for the same reason (for example over a woman). Looking at a small model of using ignorance to maintain power, let me illuminate with a real life occurrence to clarify.

It’s no secret that I’m into pop culture (comics) and as such, am a part of many discussion pages on Facebook. On one such page, I demonstrated superior knowledge than the resident “expert” and presented it clearly enough to effect the thoughts and decisions of other less knowledgable people on the page. I was quickly removed from that page…having never broken a single rule or guideline. My only crime was removing the ignorance of those that haven’t read as much as myself and thus, threatening the “guru” status of a man that wished for things to be framed how he wished to frame them using erroneous facts and slanted presentations.

Now, if such a thing can happen on a small scale…if such a person exists on that page, why then could it also not happen on a larger scale or people like that hold positions of power? The answer of course is that anything that happens on a small scale can be duplicated on a larger scale. The truth is that such a thing happens all the time.

Of course there are people that wish to preserve their position, their power, their status and if keeping others ignorant means they can accomplish that, then it’s done. Anyone thinking this is not the case has already fallen victim to the unknown weapon…even after I have now made it known. Probably the only thing more dangerous than those using this weapon, are the victims perpetuating the effects of it.

Don’t you think it’s time to wake up?

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