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The Human Factor in the Age of Technology

Credit: Occupy Wall Street NYC
Free Massages from the NYPD

NYPD asked the Public to Share their Photos, what they Received was a lesson in Modern Technology and Human Rights

The First Amendment Guarantees the Public's Right to Protest Peacefully. Sometimes Citizens forget the Constitution & Bill of Rights are Above any Government, Law Enforcement Agency, Corporate Interest (i.e. Corrupt Pay Off of Law Enforcement to Abuse Constitutional Law) and even our own President. No matter who is working on our behalf on Capitol Hill, the CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS are the Supreme Law of the Land and every Government Official WORKS for US.

Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were writing based on their experiences, enough to inspire them to protect every citizens basic HUMAN RIGHTS.

In 2010, NYC Shelled out almost a Billion in Civil Suits and $735 Million to Settle Civil Rights Cases Against NYPD in 2012. Which is forecast to rise to $815 million by 2016. The NYPD forgot to keep any of this in mind when they launched their Social Media campaign on Twitter. NYPD asked for images and the Public Uploaded images of Police Brutality. Modern Technology took the NYPD by surprise because the Public used it to call attention to a Pervasive Problem with Internal Corruption within the Police Department.

Being a Leader of Integrity is the ability to step back and Honestly Analyze both the Success and Failures of our Government Agencies and shut them down for an Overhaul or Replace their Leadership and Teams altogether if they are not doing their Job properly- Fire them, just like in any other Company. The difficulty is in the personal attachment and investment the NYPD Officers have in the ' reputation of their business" to the point of it effecting their objectivity. For example, it would be like finding out your Best Friend, Child or Lover were a Serial Killer. No matter the evidence, your personal involvement with the individual being charged of a crime would cloud your judgment. However, a Leader of Integrity is going to step back, compartmentalize, weigh only the facts of the evidence presented and do what is right, throwing the Best Friend , Child or Lover in Prison if necessary, regardless of their feelings. Not an easy thing to do by any means. Well in Team settings like the NYPD, when the lines become blurred with Police Brutality and use of Excessive Force. As an Officer, how many times do you turn a Blind Eye to your "Brothers" corrupt behavior before going completely Blind altogether? Due to the interpersonal bonding of the Team Setting in Law Enforcement, their can be a loss of Objectivity, which leads to internal Corruption. Hence, the Problem.

Whether it is Law Enforcement, Local Government, Business or how existing and new Laws effect our Personal Lives, the People (Countries Labor Force) MUST be HEARD. Those Twitter images are Powerful, and say more than words can ever say about Justice and the use of Excessive Force by the NYPD. The alarming rate of NYPD Lawsuits speaks to a consistent problem that is not being Resolved by Leadership within the Government Agency or at a Higher Level. How much more abuse of power will be tolerated by the People? It is a shame the Public only feels safe talking about their problems with Law Enforcement on Social Media or in $735 Million worth of Court Cases.

When based on Constitutional Law, the Simple Truth remain; it is Unconstitutional for law Enforcement to arrest citizens or attack them for Peacefully Protesting or use Excessive Force.

Who Polices the Police when they violate Constitutional Law, a Law which Governs the very existence of their entire Career?

The Questions Leadership & We as Citizens must Honestly Answer are:

-Did Law Enforcement violate Constitutional Law during Occupy Wall Street?
-Where are their Consistent Abuses of Power? (Researching. Gathering Data. Citing specific reoccurring cases. Creating a Strategic Overview based on Facts.)
Going to the Citizens who were Abused and into the Law Enforcement Departments and asking the NYPD for their Perception, Solutions and ideas. -Asking both Sides; What are the Fair Solution(s) for Everyone involved?
Creating oversight and improvement to our Check and Balances. We need Law Enforcement but there are also Boundaries which need to be Established on Both Sides that are Fair and Just to the Citizens and NYPD.

Decisions like these have to be made swiftly, fairly and with justice or we as Citizens will have to deal with Protests first, then...Riots, later. Riots are the result of our Government Leaders inability to Listen to and Meet the Needs of the People. In other words, the cause is Neglect of the People to be Heard so they Protest, and the effect is NYPD having to use excessive force. If "problems" are resolved fairly by the Leadership our Taxes pay for, then it would be less like throwing Gasoline in a Cigar Bar filled with bad Politicians. The Social Media and Negative NYPD Twitter rants by the Public reflect problems on an Acorn Level. Social media is actually WARNING the NYC Governor and Corporations that NYPD, Labor Wage Concerns and Occupy Wall Street issues need to be Managed and Resolved at a Higher Management Level NOW before it grows into a Bigger Billion $$$ Oak Tree. And by Manage, I do not mean Cyber Stalk, Harass, Kill, illegally Vaccinate with Drones or Arrest Protesters.

Identify the Problems and Create Real Solutions, rather than pretending they don't exist like a Scorpion in a baby crib. Eventually, it will come back to Sting you baby, no matter how much you "act" like it is not there.

Leaderships JOB is to ensure the Constitution and Bill of Rights are Maintained, Protected & Implemented no matter the Cost (even from Corruption within Law Enforcement, by Politicians, Lobbyists or other Government Agencies who seek to Undermine and Exploit Labor for Pure Profit) because these Documents Safeguard the Citizens (Labor Force.) Leadership (Corporate or Government) that undermines to destroy these established Constitutional Laws must be Removed from Positions of Power, Dissolved and Replaced. No exceptions. When corrupt Leadership undermines the higher laws written to protect us and uses law enforcement to oppress people in order to enforce poor Labor Standards and Wages, the results can destroy communities:

" Toledo, known as America’s Glass City, has struggled to compete with Mexico, China and other low-wage nations that have few if any environmental and labor standards. Oftentimes, in spite of their commitments to “free trade,” those nation’s purposely game the system in their favor by using non-tariff trading barriers. Since 2000, the region has suffered from 170 factory closings, according to the report. Global competition is directly responsible for 47 of the closings. Overall, the report found, the region has lost 21,500 jobs. "- Economy In Crisis, Another Ohio City Devastated, by Dustin Ensinger

Only Corporations (Public or Private) that Evolve, Provide Quality Products, Protect their Labor Force and Empower their People- ensuring their Quality of Life beyond "Branding" will Survive Long Term. America is not meant to be the new ChinAmerica with Cheap Labor Enslavement, Cheap Products, Police Brutality (another Employee Arguing with Management just Accidently commits suicide #FoxCon ) and a Deaf Ear towards their Laborers Desperate Cry for Humane Treatment and Decent Living Wages. China runs their Corporate Business Model like the Old Slave Plantations of the South, paying hardly anything, working staff excessive hours in poor working conditions. The Business of Brutality is nothing for a Nation of so much Economic Prosperity to be Proud of, for it is archaic and deserves to be buried in ancient world History of Slavery where it belongs.

America has been Blessed to Evolve beyond the brutal mistakes of our Ancestors and Learned to do better by our Labor Force. We are not Perfect but we have come a Long Way and we must not Digress. Our Corporate Leadership, the Quality and Personal Development of our Management Teams are what strike the Balance between Good and Greatness in our Businesses. We are capable of Re-inventing the Products that made America Great, if we are willing to forsake the cheap route of our Competitive Countries Labor Practices and Poorly Manufactured Products for Building Brands and Leadership on Quality, Sustainability and Innovation.

The New America, is being built on employee owned Corporations like;


Vita Plus:

Take Notes from the NYPD Lessons in Public Relations. Social Media gives us an advantage, it allows us to MONITOR technology and LISTEN to see what side of the coin our Company is falling on based on Public Perception. Ultimately, it gives Business OWNERS and all Levels of MANAGEMENT the LEVERAGE to CHANGE and IMPROVE our Products, Services, Leadership Style, and Resolve Employee or Client Issues. Twitter, Instagram and Social Media platforms allow us to develop how our "Brand" shows up in the World, in a way that makes our Competitors take Notice. We can utilize Social Media to make China and their crappy inhuman, non-existent Labor Laws eat our Dust.

If not, we will continue to learn harsh lessons like the Wineries Cesar Chavez and companies Martin Luther King hit with their brilliant Labor Strikes.

All over the world; in Venezuela, in the Ukraine, in Greece, even in NYC the People are Speaking Up. America is a Light of Hope for what is Possible beyond the Mistakes of the Past. We must Listen to our Global Citizens and create Positive Changes that embrace a Win-Win attitude for everyone involved.

The Lesson: Take care of your people and your people will take care of You and your Company. Pay Fair Wages. Provide Wages that allow for a Decent Quality of Life for your Employees. Work together to create Solutions. I challenge Business Owners and Corporate Management to create the WOW factor both externally and internally in your places of employment. Branding within to without.

So when you ask people and clients to " Upload images to your Social Media Account," they will be Overwhelmingly Positive.

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By riginal on April 26, 2014 at 03:20 am

Makes sense. A weary populace sick of wearing the same old same old...maybe a timely "undercover boss" compulsory to benefit both sides every now and then? Might mute the riot in 'self righteousness' to a 'right' for the average Jack and Jill copping the bill... sick of tumbling down after...

Do you guys get swamped with those 'titanium' impersonator tools etc that you have to use a hammer and chisel to get the packaging off only to find the screw that holds it all together missing? How do those desperados that pinch things get that screw out? Or was it ever put in? An 'in joke' at the cheap trade off as a result of another amalgamation treaty which stipulates that the hammer head will fly off and smack you in the head because you're supposed to leave it in its packaging cos that's what holds it together? Don't get me wrong,we must all stick together with importation and share. But you think otherwise when you can't find the end of the sticky tape and when you do it comes off in odd strips as if someone manufactured it on the cheap and fasty? Cheers.

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