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Caravan Manufacturers In Melbourne Put The Focus On Layout

Anyone who has ever shopped for a caravan in the past will know that there is more than one layout to choose from.

In fact, there are often a number of different layouts available, which can make your decision quite difficult if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Fortunately, caravan manufacturers in Melbourne have recognised that there is an issue and so have decided to share their opinions on three of the most common layouts.

End kitchen with rear corner washrooms

This is a classic two-berth layout that is offered by basically every respectable manufacturer around the world. It is perfect for couples who travel without children or grandchildren, as the layout is both practical and cost effective. It is also possible to tow these caravans with a smaller car, so it negates the need to upgrade to a more powerful vehicle. The double bed, however, will be a little bit on the shorter side because of the narrowness of the van.

    ·Pro – The smaller size of the caravan makes it extremely easy to tow and maneouvre onsite.

    ·Con – If you’re tall, you might find that the double bed isn’t big enough for you; you might become cramped.

End washroom and rear fixed bed

This is actually one of the newest layouts on the market, but it has fast become one of the most popular sold. Whilst it is traditionally a two-berth van (with an actual, permanently made bed) it is possible to turn the lounge area into a second double bed. The washroom actually features a shower cubicle, meaning that you don’t have to rely on onsite facilities, but many people find the overall spaces to be quite narrow when being used.

    ·Pro – The fixed bed (with a proper mattress) offers plenty of storage underneath for those longer trips.

    ·Con – Fitting the bed and washroom in can often mean that living and kitchen space is compromised.

Corner washroom and offside rear bunks

This is the most popular layout for families who like to travel together. They are traditionally five-berth vans, but the rear bunks are occasionally available as a triple, allowing you to sleep six. Caravan manufacturers in Melbourne also note that each of the sleeping areas can be curtained off for privacy, allowing mum and dad to stay up later then their kids. The narrow bathroom features its own shower cubicle and the kitchen is also quite large.

    ·Pro – The kids can take over the rear of the caravan, whilst mum and dad can relax up the front.

    ·Con – The kitchen often has to be squeezed in between the lounge area and the door.

By familiarising yourself with the three most common layouts, caravan manufacturers in Melbourne hope that you will have an easier time of figuring out which one will best suit your needs. If you only travel as a couple the first one will be perfect for you; if you occasionally travel with others the second one will be ideal; and if you regularly travel with the kids in two the last layout will be the best way for you to accommodate them.

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