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Follow the Necessary Steps to Protect the Smoke Alarms

by Katie Smith (writer), , April 24, 2014

Having smoke alarm in your house is a smart way to save your loved ones. The firm alarms, also called smoke alarms or detectors, can save the people,

properties as well as pets by warning the household members about any kind of fire accidents. To ascertain that these life saving equipment work correctly, few manufacturers recommend the checking of alarms every month by pushing the test button. In this way you can know if the alarm batteries work properly. However this process fails to indicate if the unit senses smoke. Testing the fire alarm using real smoke actually allows you to know that the smoke vents or sensors are working appropriately.

Here are the few steps you must follow and find out if the alarm works properly.

Ask your family members to place at different parts of your house

Post your family members in various parts of your apartment. Make sure that someone is rightly positioned at farthest point from your smoke detector. It determines if your alarm is clearly heard by everyone inside the apartment if any kind of fire disaster strikes.

Test the smoke alarm

The next step is to push as well as to hold a test button on the smoke alarm for few seconds. If the unit is working correctly, then it must emit shrieking and loud noise. If you do not hear any noise or hear only a weak chirping sound, you must replace the battery immediately and examine the unit once again.

Strike a match below your smoke alarm

Make sure that you light a match stick as well as blow it directly below the alarm if it is just within your reach. The detector takes only few minutes to sense your smoke as well as hear the alarm. If a unit does not hear any sound, replace your batteries and conduct the matching test once again. If the unit fails to react to smoke, you must buy an alarm and replace it immediately.

Do not forget to test the smoke alarms that are out of your reach

Examine the smoke alarms that are beyond your reach. For this purpose, you can use arsenal can of the simulated smoke. Generally, the smoke sprays reach almost three to four feet that allows you to examine the unit while standing on your floor safely. Shake this can, aim it at this unit directly as well as spray it for nearly three seconds. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer on this label.

Wait for few seconds for the alarm to sound

Wait for at least five seconds for this alarm to ring since several units have in-built delay alarms and reduce the scope of false alarms. When the alarm sounds, the detector must respond properly if the real fire begins. Make sure that you repeat this smoke test. In case the unit does not produce any sound, you must replace it with new alarm.

Make sure that you stop your fire alarm effectively

You must fan air through a vent to stop fire alarm. An alternative option is to suck the test material with a tiny vacuum and turn off your alarm.

Few warning

Do not use burning candles, perfume or cigarettes and test the fire alarm immediately. These items contain waxy, oily or the sticky particles that may contaminate your sensor as well as reduce the sensitivity of smoke.

Follow these steps and find out that the fire alarms of your house works in proper way. In this matter, you can also take help of an experienced Fire Safety Expert for better ideas and suggestions.

Katie Smith is a freelance writer and her area of interests and expertise lies in fire consultancy, forensic science and accident or crime scene investigation related matters. Katie has her own blogs and websites where she discusses about various aspects of the fire consultation and top fire safety expert.

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