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All about Rugby Sports in the US

by Albert Smith (writer), , April 23, 2014

Credit: Rugby Sports
Rugby Sports

Are you fascinated by the rugby game? Like other outdoor games such as football, baseball, hockey, this sport is equally thrilling. In the US too, the crazy fans shouting and cheering for their teams

Here are the few details of rugby game in the US that you must know.


In the US, the rugby sport has an ennobling history behind it. On 14th May, 1874, the Harvard University of the United States hosted the first recorded game with McGill University. Soon after, the Harvard and McGill game series raised interest about the game amongst the college students across the nation. With an increasing popularity of this game in USA, this game was included as a sport in the Olympics in four consecutive years between 1900 and 1924. The United States rugby team became victorious in the tournament in 1920 as well as in 1924.

The scenario in 60s and 70s

Soon after the Olympic Games in 1924, The International Olympic Committee removed the game from the tournament. And afterwards the popularity of this game in America became dormant for few years. During 60s as well as 70s, this sport witnessed an evolution. When this game regained its popularity, the need of a national governing authority was felt by the experts for representing the country in the world ruby sports fraternity. Four regional associations were formed in Chicago in the year 1975 and USA Rugby also served as the governing body of the game.

More than thirty years later, the USA Rugby became the official member of USOC or US Olympic Committee as well as International Rugby Board or IRB. Today, this organization has nearly 90,000 members and also is solely responsible for the growth of collegiate as well as club rugby programs and also of the regional teams representing America in the international competitions.

Current scenario: Tournaments and Matches

According to a recent survey, rugby was the fast growing team sport that developed in the US between 2007 as well as 2009, thereby decreasing the popularity of hockey, lacrosse and other games. Except in one, USA Rugby participated in all the Rugby World Cup tournaments since its inauguration in the 1987. In the US, domestic tournaments are namely Rugby Super League (US), USA Rugby Elite Cup and the like. Pacific Rugby Premiership (PRP) is another popular domestic rugby tournament. In the year 2013, nearly seven rugby clubs declared the formation of this rugby tournament, consisting of 3 teams from South Carolina, 2 teams from North California and two teams from the Colorado city. PRP is a division one competition and in 2014, this tournament took place between February and May, along with twelve game regular season schedule where one team plays with another team twice, thereby culminating in a single game tournament game in the month of May.

Recent Achievements

In the year 2011, The International Rugby Board (IB) bestowed the Development Award to the USA Rugby for the special program that also introduced over 100,000 new kids to the youth rugby. One year before, the same rugby union acquired membership of US Olympic Committee. In the same year it also introduced college department in order to focus on the restricting the competition for college game.

Anther milestone is the winning of the first Women’s Rugby World Cup by the USA. In front of a huge crowd of nearly five thousand people, the Eagles, the US Rugby team, defeated the England team and established a strong footing in the world rugby sport fraternity.

If this game continues to grow, it is expected that rugby matches would gain more popularity in the coming years. Learn the game tactics and gather more information about rugby in the US before you decide to play the game on your own.

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