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Popular Cities in Ras Al Khaiman

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Cities of Ras Al Khaiman

Beautiful cities to explore in Ras Al Khaiman, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

If you’ll soon be visiting the Persian Gulf, you can see an array of breathtaking sights and experience an exciting new culture in the shiekhdom of Ras Al Khaiman. Part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ras Al Khaiman is relatively small and home to under 250,000 citizens. However, despite the emirate’s small size, it features a number of fascinating cities.

Ras Al Khaiman (Capital City)

Bearing the same name as the emirate, Ras Al Khaiman serves as the capital city. In addition to being home to the Sheikh’s palace and the emirate’s most aesthetically-pleasing architecture, Ras Al Khaiman boasts the largest population of any city in the emirate. Most young people in Ras Al Khaiman reside in this city. The capital also hosts the emirate’s national sporting events – namely, the Ras Al Khaiman Half Marathon and the Terry Fox Run.

The emirate’s fanciest hotels and manufacturing planets are primarily based out of the capital city. In addition, Ice Land –Ras Al Khaiman’s first water park – can also be found in the capital. Furthermore, the city’s four-star beach resorts draw in a sizable number of tourists each year.


Southeast of the capital city lies the village of Khatt. Situated at the foot of a large mountain, Khatt is known throughout the emirate for its soothing natural hot springs, which are said to cure a variety of common ailments. This unique village is also famous for its hot stone treatments and homebrewed medicines. Weary travelers looking to unwind should pay a visit to one of the village’s four-star spas and spend a few hours being pampered. The village’s lush landscape also makes it a popular destination for hikers and tourists.

Al Jazirah Al Hamra

One of the oldest cities in the Persian Gulf, Al Jazirah Al Hamra is rapidly expanding. Once a sparsely-populated coastal village, Al Jazirah Al Hamra is now home to several industrial manufacturing plants and a bevy of prime real estate. Big-name companies like Falcon Technologies and Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries have offices in this increasingly popular area of the emirate. Additionally, the Ras Al Khaiman International Airport is based out of Al Jazirah Al Hamra.


Masafi is unique among Ras Al Khaiman’s cities in that only half the city belongs to the emirate. The other half is occupied by Fujiarah, another longtime member of the UAE.Fujiarah’s half of the city is home to the Masafi Sports Club and Masafi Stadium. Because of its close proximity to the Hajar Mountains, Masafi is a popular destination for mountain climbers.


Ras Al Khaiman’s premiere fishing village, Ar-Rams is populated by fishing boat crews and pearl divers.The fish caught in Ar-Rams are enjoyed all over the emirate on a daily basis. In order to keep up with the demand for the city’s fish from all over the UAE, a fair number of private fisheries have also set up shop in Ar-Rams.

For many years, Ras Al Khaiman was overlooked by travelers, but in light of the area’s natural beauty and newly-constructed tourist attractions, things are starting to turn around. So the next time you find yourself in the UAE, don’t leave without paying a visit to the emirate of Ras Al Khaiman.

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