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The Benefits of DNA Testing

by mgibson (writer), , April 12, 2014


The key benefits of DNA testing and genetic research

As our capacity for scientific research has grown considerably in the last few years, and this pace of advancement is set to gather further momentum in the coming decade. No scientific concept embodies this evolution better than DNA and genetic testing, which is now more sophisticated than ever and boasts a huge number of potential applications. Take cold case investigation, for example, which has hit the headlines recently as the police search for the man who killed Bath teenager Melanie Road in 1984.

The Key Benefits of DNA Testing and Genetic Research in 2014

With this mind, let’s consider the key benefits of DNA testing and genetic research in the contemporary age. Consider the following: -

1.Cold Case Investigation and Resolution

An often overlooked aspect of advancement is that it has a clearly defined history, which means that society has not always had the benefits of genetic research and DNA testing. This is why cold case investigation has become possible in the last decade, as police and law enforcement officials have been able to review old evidence and resolve outstanding crimes. This has already brought hundreds of criminals to justice retrospectively, and helped to create peace and tranquillity for the numerous victims of crime.

2.Determining the Paternity of your Child

On the subject of scientific advancement, it is worth noting that the human form itself is both imperfect and vulnerable to error. We all make mistakes, and some of these can occasionally result in damaging, long-term consequences. If you may have committed acts of infidelity, for example, you may ultimately create a life and give birth to a child without knowing the true nature of paternity. DNA testing can help to resolve this issue quickly and effectively, while it has also evolved to a point where it processes are less intrusive than previously.

3.Identify Key Hereditary Illnesses

Unfortunately, the spectre of illness and disability has managed to survive even the most stringent scientific research exercises. While doctors have been able to effectively combat some diseases, for example, others such as Cancer remain incurable on any definitive and long-term basis. So although requesting a test from a reputable company such as EASY DNA cannot prevent you from falling ill, you can test yourself and children to determine whether or not they may be prone to such symptoms. It is also possible to conduct DNA tests on unborn children in 2014, in a bid to identify any hereditary genetic issues and problems.

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