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The Great Gun Debate: More Legislation in the Works

by Arron Hunter (writer), , April 05, 2014

Gun Debate:

Over 50% of Americans, based on a recent Gallup poll, want lighter gun laws.

Over 50% of Americans, based on a recent Gallup poll, want lighter gun laws. This recent data stands, as the NRA would like the public to know, despite the fact that gun-control lobbyists outspent the NRA’s investment in propaganda by a 7-to-1 ratio in 2013.

Despite the theorized feelings of a majority of Americans, President Obama, emotionally identifying catastrophes such as Sandy Hook in an address, is not an advocate of lighter gun laws or the widespread ownership of American firearms and ammo.

As the great gun debate rages on, there is sure to be added legislation targeted.

Reality of Poll

Before taking sides on the issue, don’t get persuaded by the data. The Gallup poll was taken by phone and included less than 2,000 randomly-sampled Americans, hardly enough evidence to reflect (definitively) the feelings of Americans.

In addition, perhaps the issue is not so black and white. For example, farmers, for decades before present-day society, responsibly and safely owned and operated guns for hunting and if-need-be protection (like life insurance Americans are urged to pay). However, since medieval times, before guns and ‘firearms,’ people have warred with one another.

Are present-day travesties really the fault of loose gun control or a deeper, underlying fault with humanity or present-day society? A number of politicians are sensible enough to entertain arguments from both sides, yet depending on one’s geographic situation, entertaining one side over the other could spell political disaster.

Lay of the Land

It seems geographic location has a lot to do with a common citizen’s stance on gun laws. For example, in New Jersey and California, states with strict laws, some feel it’s ridiculously too hard to attain a gun license. Conversely, gun-control lobbyists feel it’s too lax in Colorado and Illinois to obtain a gun license and subsequent firearm.

Perhaps the eventual outlook of common citizens will take the shape of the tenacity of respective lobbyist groups’ abilities to persuade those who have representation in the Senate and Congress. Because, as mentioned above, as long as he is in position, it seems Obama’s stance on gun control is unwavering.

Tragedy vs. Safety

It seems lobbyists continue to point those ‘on the fence’ toward respective arguments. On the gun-control side, supporters pour the horrors of Columbine, Sandy Hook and others in the ears of listeners. Conversely, those who support gun ownership remind listeners of the founding fathers’ vision for America and the nation’s inescapable association to the sentiment of ‘liberty and freedom.’

End goals aside, it seems arguments from both parties are reasonable. Gun supporters want to maintain their freedoms and gun-control lobbyists want to rid society of impending travesties. Each ‘side’ would agree on achieving both of those goals, yet the rhetoric spins only as a means to a respective party’s end. Unfortunately, like views on abortion, an entire nation may never be in full accord.

Existence vs. Use

One of the NRA’s stronger arguments points out that, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people,” which is a scientific fact. Gun-control supporters argue that making something more restricted and less prevalent will rid the masses of worry and impending harm (sort of like an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy).

Instruments of destruction have existed and will exist for all time. A simple pen could be used as an instrument of death (Watch the last episode of Showtime’s Dexter), yet 99.9% of the time, people will use it as a writing instrument.

What’s Best?

‘What’s best’ for society and the people?’ That’s a question government proposes to individual branches. Like other issues, such as gay marriage, the connections to traditions make figuring what’s best extremely difficult. For example, should two, law-abiding citizens be unable to express their love because they are two men or two women? Some believe that question is so easily a ‘yes,’ it shouldn’t be asked.

However, some traditional-minded people as well as religious zealots feel some things and actions are not ‘meant’ for humans and society. In a democracy, where all views and people are to be respected, it makes coming to conclusions extremely difficult. Especially when it seems there may not be one definitive decision that will please all people, assuage all concerns and tend to all desires.

What’s your side of the great gun debate? Seek more literature online and understand your local government’s stance on gun control and ownership advocacy. Local government officials appreciate the insight of the people, better understanding how to represent them on a larger, national scale.

About the Writer

Arron Hunter is a lawyer who focuses his work on firearms. He tracks the trends and debates and blogs about the legal impact on everyday citizens.
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By Zohaib Akhlaq on February 05, 2016 at 04:06 am

Great Piece! In my opinion, laws about guns should be as strong as possible.

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