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Is everything we ingest or hear,digestible? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 03, 2014

Should cows be taught how to milk the public purse?

A two- facedconundrum mystical land? RIGINAL.

Do we live in a transparent 'stick-on' applied dream world? Are our dreams the grass roots of 'real' existence? Earth just a ball or receptacle for the 'self- appointed' hash brown fried lies' of our "coerce them to believe" political spin cooks in their kitchens lined with well- stacked burgeoning shelves of untruths .Or more to the point "let's encase our doctrines and political mash in a smooth spreadable easy to believe low ass salt -hold the vinegar we'll dilute/delete as we go- on the public's mental digestive systems!"

Watched SBS on war fibs and reasons for, hidden under the tailored suit of fraying respectability. Cut to measure to suit the chosen few to make monetary gain/leverage for themselves. The same old mental hash browns we all know that look okay to digest but once forked by learned investigative journalist's pricks (most called that by the chosen few) it smells to high Hell...certainly not Heaven.

I will not rehash the hash as such, i'm just a dumb ass, but the fact that I can see through the veil of deceit begs the much more do we have to ingest when most of the world's leader's almost without exception historically told, and continue to tell, lies backed up by 'totally owned' (though restricted somewhat now) singular news conglomerates etc that stand to benefit by dancing to the war piper's tune and wants.

Nothing new have i presented. Just amused how the porkies filter down through 'cooked up' tele MKR cooking shows for example and general raw or half-baked untruths in society. Today a guest from such a show lauded the benefits of such shows as it "teaches and encourages kids to eat right and grow up declining such evil as the demon sugar etc." Though the other night so much sugar was induced in a soulful failed dessert it would have been enough to diabeticize a nation. Then a commercial comes on (most kids watch them) espousing the delights of pancakes, bacon n' eggs n' other no no stuff including dairy n' stuff we all ate as kids. Must admit eating as adults now don't we?

What do we do with the cows if they're put out to pasture because of nutritionist's stampede on bad! bad! bad! Hook them up to a methane factory to take their breath away to fuel our demand for propel our cars- dairy i mention this?

Look, i know this is bordering on the dreamscape hedge between practicality and borderline insanity of mirthical creatures, but why don't we put our "i my own mindless cash and political kudos hash brown veneer headlong career" politician's out to pasture and replace them with the soon to be defunct nutrition barren cows to breath a bit of methane and cooked up bullshit (cow manure at the very least) into our 'must have' wars. Or is that what is being done as i speak...much more efficiently...and with much more beastified intent by the current 'hands on' milkers, cooking up fresh angst...milking the tired suspecting public's tits/titters- and purse?

A famous honest man once said, "i have a DREAM!" The reality, if this world is, are the nightmares heaped upon the many honest by the unreal few, who go on in retirement to write their expensive memoirs. Some a bit more expansive than others. Admitting they did " up sometimes. But those days were when we partook of dairy and too much sugar and cream in our coffee which on a bad day can just about start a war...if the price is right! Us pollies love that show!"

They could watch it til the cows come home. Or until they replace them. Sweet relative dreams...or is reality/truth to be found in the afterlife?

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