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4 Important Tips For Buying A Memorial Headstone

by William Jack (writer), Australia, March 27, 2014

Credit: Addison Memorials

When you aren’t faced with the prospect of needing to purchase a memorial headstone, the task can often will easy.

. When a loved one has passed away and you need to make a decision now, however, you will quickly realise that the decision is a lot more complex. It can actually be quite difficult to choose a memorial that honours the life of your loved one. This is why we have compiled a list of tips that you can use when picking a headstone.

    1.Check the cemetery’s rules

    It is important to remember that every cemetery has a different set of rules and regulations that will dictate the type of memorial headstones that they allow. The sizes and dimensions, for example, will typically have a maximum and a minimum limit. Before making your choice, visit the cemetery where your loved one is being buried and speak with someone about what they do and do not allow. You would hate to spend all of that money only to be told the memorial has to be removed.

    2.Confirm the installation

    Many people are actually quite surprised to learn that some cemeteries don’t offer an installation service for headstones. This is often the result of not having the resources to handle the installation, but this decision can be made for other reasons, too. Make sure that you check whether the cemetery will be able to install the memorial for you or whether you will need to find someone else to handle this. More often than not, your mason should be able to properly install the stone.

    3.Consider the headstone type

    Before you make a choice, it is important to consider your various options in terms of memorials – some stand upright and others flat on the ground; some are crafted using granite and others are moulded out of bronze. If you are stuck for inspiration, you should take a walk around the cemetery where your loved one will be buried to see what types and designs other families have opted for. There may also be specifications in the cemetery’s rules and regulations regarding the type you can have.

    4.Check the mason’s area

    These days, it is increasingly common for people to source a mason close to home rather than close to the cemetery. This makes for easier access to view potential memorial headstones and to check on the progress of the work. It means that you will need to check what sorts of areas the mason services, otherwise they may not be able to drop the headstone off at your chosen cemetery. If you are happy to do all of the ferrying yourself, however, this won’t be a problem.

At the end of the day, choosing a memorial headstone for your loved one is a deeply personal experience. The finished product needs to reflect their spirit in some shape or form, and it needs to communicate to others (who may not know you) how special the person was when they were alive. Use the above tips to ensure that your choice comes naturally and that the selection doesn’t become the imposing task it may originally seem.

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