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The Software Developer’s Guide- Part 1

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Software development Guide Part 1

Every software developer wants to become a successful in their field and thus, they are looking for proper guidance that helps them in solving their queries.

Those software developers, who are creating the best codes, are the most successful person. However, if we are looking at the perfect world, success depends on how one can work with people to get their job done. From purchasing refrigerator from to chat with buddies in a Facebook, everything can accomplish through HTTP that managed by software developer.

HTTP is a protocol behind the WWW. enables a web server from a datacenter to transfer information to personal computers, where people can read web page, describing essential information. In this post, we are going to see at the attitudes of software development and grab the understanding of HTTP that helps you in writing better web applications and services.


The HTTP address is one of the most essential parts of the web. When I want to search a dish featuring Chicken, I might open my web browser and simply enter website name, i.e. in the address bar. So, I can reach at that site to search Chicken recipe. This syntax is understood by my web browser and knows it requires for creating an HTTP request to a server named

Later, we are going to talk about the meaning of “make an HTTP request” and all the networking details included. As of now, we are going to focus on

Resource Locators

The referring address, i.e. is known as URL that abbreviated as a uniform resource locator. A specific resource is represented by URL on the web. In this case, is the resource. Resources are things like images, pages, files, and videos through which one can interact with on the web.

There are uncountable resources on the internet with different URL. For example: is different place than and each resource has different URL to find it.

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