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Fifty Shades of black and white. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 20, 2014

This 'R' rated she devil should never have posed for Fox.


She sat there, quivered slightly, haughty, ignored her competition, she was black ivory. Doe-eyed,demanding on shapely legs. The sheen from her hair a walking ad for "you want a piece of this pear-shaped succulence?" She didn't speak, moved her jaw slightly. Didn't have to. Her exaggerated dark profile was the envy of the other females. Blatant ill- disguised hate let loose, unabashed, you could cut the simmering rage with a knife, jealously battering itself, bathing in revenge...waiting for an opportunity. Some would gladly have given their eye teeth trying to emulate her sexuality. To be on the receiving end and the queen bee...the b they all hated but wished they had the chance to be,to emulate this black controller of male desire.

The males lined up. Only one thing on their hinds. Senses erect, erections uncensored. Several white females pushed forward ,eager, were pushed back by director N Fox.."get back you bitches! " You're not on yet.The males ignored the interruption. One by one they mounted black ivory, she responded willingly, arched herself receptively taking pleasure in extracting their pleasure. She wriggled/pushed in time, each participant spent in depth and satisfied. Short break. Cameras reloaded.

The next morning the porn show was exposed in all its lurid detail on the 'Fox News.'

Amelia Fox cleared her throat angrily as all ears pricked up down at Fox field Burn...out of town. " Hello foxy viewers. I'm Amelia fox and quite frankly i'm alarmed and disgusted A disturbing report of a horrific nature! This film is graphic please make sure you're all grassed down/lying in your bed/ hole so that you don't faint over this bushy-tailed tale of a traitor in our midst! Undercover Fox Police arrested a turncoat porn producer this morning, N Fox, who was paid we believe-though he said he was forced-'big bucks' to film disgusting bucks bucking rampantly on a black doe who received big dough to perform disgusting multiple sex with innumerable partners bonking willy nilly just like humans do the night after an election when the poor saps after realising they were screwed decide to finish the night off by screwing themselves for not thinking about the consequences of their actions!

Fox investigators grilled N Fox and without beating about the bush they beat his to get to the bottom of this tail which they did to get a confession of a fox 'under duress' who did a 'forced' foxtrot with a farmer. Here are the facts. N Fox was cornered in a hen house by Old McDonald the silly old fart who is past his e i e i o daze. According to N he was forced to make a rabbit porn video which the old Yank ; he may have been Yankee Doodle's cousin, but as one wasn't produced it was deemed beside the point -to entice through deception. Old Mac's motive was to 'widescreen' on barn farm 'Adult Fox Entertainment ' this R (for rabbit) rated porn in an attempt to lure us foxes from the fox village cinema via Fox Field Burn to rock up in our hundreds to watch the show and get wacked on the head or shot for bounty whilst drooling over Ms Black who was indeed a would-be tasty temptress. A lewd diabolical plot foiled by us here at the forefront of our daily update show "Foxes avoid ending up in Boxes."

A sad note here. Apparently the jealous white females talked Ms Black into going round N Fox's lair for a bite whereupon Ms Black ended up in the red...cranberry sauce. It was all in black and white...and CS. ALL foxes have been warned not to watch this video which will be screened at an appropriate time in the safety of your holes,for a small fee...subscribe now and we'll throw in parental control. Old Mac with a baseball bat...if you don't subscribe!

Yes foxes there's no such thing as a free lunch. Although N Fox may beg to differ? Amelia Fox wishing you happy hunting.

Our motto is, "When the fur starts to fly don't be a rabbit...walk on by...BYE!"

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