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Food for thought? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 14, 2014

Does the type of food we eat before bed influence our sexual dreams?

ARE EROTIC DREAMS THE END RESULT OF what we eat? RIGINAL. If you are easily offended do not read on! I believe, and you can call me a dirty old oversexed man (i'm actually not that old!) that what we eat specially before bed directly influences our sexual dreams. If you have no interest in sexual dreams pertaining to food or tepid desire of such please do not read on as this post could drive you bananas or maybe a DESIRE to purchase? I'm not going to waffle on. What you guys eat prior to bedtime INFLUENCES your dreams,if you think i'm wrong i repeat don't read on as this theory is mine and mine alone.

My ex agreed. And i can assure you sex wasn't the problem. I know this sounds crazy mainly because i am but the day we separated it was 'bang on.' She was dressed in tight black and she had cooked me a last meal of meat and tomatoes.

I have been eating tomatoes in my new/tumbledown shack as i burnt the ass out of my only pot. Tonight i dreamt of my ex and it was full bore again although dreamspine inspired. Sometimes i wake with a terrible fear. Is it just me who feels this way and if it is then should i just have a lemon before retirement and dream of your President or in my case our Prime Minister impersonating one...or should i continue to eat stuff that encourages a stuff?

LOOK! I am not frustrated or trying to start a trend or trying to bend your own sexual desires guys,if you want to replace God's transmission of love with sour lemon or indeed grapes then who the hell am i to hold sway over pollies "want a cracker and more" of your dreams? But you must remember that chocolate is a turn on for you girls is it not? I'm touching on a very personal subject so i don't believe i'll get one response to my theory of "night scape sexuality is the end result of a particular food intake." For i don't really care because the truth of being HONEST with ones sexuality lies within a loving relationship. Even if you don't it food for thought?Have a great weekend and love the 'vegetable' ...or one you're with. Lettuce alone? Or lettuce agree on 'Pork Salad Annie' ...or sour grapes? God bless, methinks he's bemused.

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