Sunday, February 17, 2019

Even More Snow and Even More Canadian Snow Humour

the Canadian White House

It snowed yesterday….again. And it will snow tomorrow..again. Now don’t get me wrong, it is not always snowing in Canada but those are the days that it is cold, very cold.

Usually the deep freeze hits in mid January but this year it hit in November and stayed. Our pipes to one bathroom and our washer froze twice in the last three years and at least 8-10 times already this year alone.

I am choosing to laugh instead of cry but for some, with propane prices doubling this fall, they can hardly afford to heat their homes. The United Way is running campaigns just for those heating with propane on fixed incomes who simply cannot eat, pay for medicine and pay for propane. Supposedly Ontario sold too much propane to the States to dry their record-breaking corn crop, but Sarnia also produced 30% less fuel last year so there is a shortage of fuel.


I find it quite suspicious that after so many of us rural dwellers switched to propane from oil, the big fuel companies seemed to manage to double propane prices.

I do not usually rant about big business but, I will couch my bashing with humour.

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