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by Paul Anthony (writer), Cumbria, United Kingdom, January 18, 2014

A couple of poems from my collection entitled - 'Sunset'


~ ~ ~
There’s a cliff top and an ocean,
And time in pure slow motion.
Gaze across the blue expanse,
And spot the seagulls glide in dance.

There’s a rock and a thunderous sea,
Caressing, embracing, cleansing you and me.
And wave after wave crashes into the wall,
A crescendo of hurried spray, and then a gentle fall.

The sun dips at its timely hour,
And proclaims sunset’s mystical power,
When a myriad of sloping rays,
Strike the horizon and distant bays.

There’s a golden, yellow, violet, red, sunset bright,
Where shades of pink and blue ignite a starlit night.
And a million grains of sand with no memory of before,
Witness our eternal love shining from the core.


When I Dream of You
~ ~ ~
When I dream of you, there’s no one there.
When I reach for you, the room is bare.
Why did you go away? I have to know.
Where do you sleep tonight?
Are the angels there?
When I dream of you, I see your face.
When I talk to you, it’s an empty place.
Why did you go that day? I loved you so.
Where do you sleep tonight?
Are the angels there?
On your last journey, it left you cold,
Now I have memories, stories untold.
On our last journey, memories unfold.
Why did you leave me? I miss you so.
Where do you sleep tonight?
Are the angels there?
I see you each night, your twinkling light.
Sparkle down upon me, star heavenly bright.
You are the new one, second on the right.
Is that where you’re sleeping?
Are the angels there?
When I dream of you, my tears fall.
When I dream of you, times I recall.
I’ll be with you one day,
I’ll hold you dear.
Where are you sleeping?
Are the angels there?

Extracted from 'Sunset' available on kindle from Amazon and from Lulu in print by following the links on my website.

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