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How to Upgrade Your Garage for the Car Obsessed

by Garry McC (writer), , January 06, 2014

What you need to do to get the garage of your dreams for the car of your dreams.

When you have a fine car, you want a garage that can protect your baby and provide you with the space you need. As you look at a new home, you’re standing out in the garage trying to picture how well the car will fit and if there’s still room in there for all of your tools. While your dream may be a three-car beauty with a loft above for storage, there may not be space for that in your existing home. However, you can still make some smart improvements that will take your existing garage to the next level.

Go with Vertical Storage

You need room for the car, and that includes space to open doors, pop the trunk and walk around the vehicle. You don’t want to feel crowded in the garage or worry that you’ll hit the wall when you open the door. Make more floor space by going with vertical storage. Here are a few ideas for getting your items upon the walls or near the ceiling and creating plenty of room for your car.

  • Open shelves
  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Car lifts that raise the car up to make room for motorcycles
  • Ceiling mounted organizers for seasonal items
  • Ceiling mounted pulleys for bicycles
  • Customized organization systems
  • Get the Lifts

    If you’re car obsessed and love working on your rides, then it’s time to invest in hydraulic lifts. Say good-bye to crawling under a car that’s up on ramps and spare your back by taking the car to higher levels. Lifts aren’t just for commercial garages. There are companies that offer lift options for the average homeowner, and you can even have them added to existing garages.

    Heat and Cool the Space

    The sun is damaging to your paint, and extreme cold temperatures can damage the car’s moving parts. Car lovers in extreme climates agree that climate control is important to adequately protect your beautiful car. Maintaining steady temperatures during storage will protect the car’s upholstery as well as the engine.

    Invest in More Power

    If your garage is woefully short on electrical outlets, then it’s time to invest in more power. Strip off any interior sheetrock so that you can add power lines and functional outlets. This makes it easier to use your impact wrenches, start up a radio while you work or add a refrigerator for snacks.

    Easier Clean Ups

    You cannot work on a car without getting a little dirty. Even if the grease is half the fun for you, you can bet that your family won’t appreciate it coming inside. You also want the grease on your hands and not the handle of your car. While you’re adding power lines, run some plumbing lines for a proper washbasin. It’s also smart to add a hose for quick cleanups when you cannot get to the car wash.

    The Best Lighting

    Being able to see what you’re doing is priceless. You may have task lighting for working in the engine, but you also want great overhead lighting for general visibility. Invest in high-power lights that will give you the illumination you need to work on your car even in the middle of the night.

    Treat the Floor

    If you have a concrete floor, take the time to clean it and make it look great again. Another option is to cover the concrete with a rubber overlay. These are easy to clean an impervious to antifreeze, oil, and other chemicals.

    When you’re car obsessed, you want a garage the fits your needs. If building a custom space isn’t in the budget, then consider these upgrades. Your car will have the space and protection your car needs, and you’ll have a comfortable space for working on your ride.

    Dave Winship of Cowart Doors has been upgrading garages for over 30 years. See their work by following on Twitter!

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