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by Lumiere (writer), NYC, January 03, 2014

Credit: HealthTalk
Nepotism and Beauty Treatments

Poetry in awe of Americas Love of Nepotism and Beauty Treatments

Cash in on my DNA Lottery,

offspring of my legacy

let me give you a Fortune 500 Company before making you an Apprentice

let me give you the Gold before training you with an Olympian

let me give you Power before you are mature enough to handle Responsibility

because my arrogance deems it so,

makes me look like an amazing parent in the eyes of the world

boosting my ego beyond materialistic, self absorbed insecurity

disrespectfully skipping the process of learning from accomplished mentors

who have more experience in one pinky then your parents grandiosity

though they look down on others as though they are beneath you

how dare those who work 9 to 5,

Ask for a Raise

in their Quality of Life

when you cannot smell

children reeking of the stench of your worn out labia

more mattress miles than a MAC truck filled with Prostitutes,

reconstructive surgery makes skin look less weathered

by storms of failed relationships

wrinkle free skin hides the scars of my sin

unhappiness covered by awards of accomplishment

giving my love to a men who abuse and mis-use me

teaching by example bad relationship patterns,

cashing in on my desire for youthful relevance,

clinging to starlets to warm my cold heartedness,

young men paid to escort

consistent self revolving conversations with myself

foolish is the one who returns to roll in poison ivy

but selfish is the bitch who cannot see beyond

the needs of her rhinoplasty, upturned nose and laser treatments,

self induced suffering in order to be perceived as an ideal,

poison is to drip,

inflaming heart of the matter

weakening the people of a nation

When her children who earned nothing other than bloodline, inherit it all.
When her children who earned nothing other than bloodline, inherit it all.
When her children who earned nothing other than bloodline, inherit it all.

We watch as she turns her back on those who need her most,
but standing together, we never forget her betrayal

About the Writer

Native Texan full of Southern Charm, ;) Art Director and Fashion Photographer with a background in Luxury Apparel. Producer of a Television show called " Art4Charity " that spotlights Philanthropists, non-profits, volunteers, and companies doing positive deeds around the world. Volunteer Art Therapy teacher to homeless children and activist.
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