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Trying To Find The Truth. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, December 25, 2013

A brief insight into what i thought was ridiculous but not being of female agenda i can only probe gently.


Just flicking through what turns a woman on post. Not suggesting a post turns a woman on. Unless of course a woman receives a a large posted cheque from a secret admirer? Some time back i saw on the vision box an experiment which i thought may have been rigged.

Scene: Doctor's waiting room rigged with hidden cameras. The story went something like this. "Women are turned on by a manly chemical exudation permeating from the sweat of say...a hard working rigger."

Rigger type is sitting in the mid-room against the wall in a chair,legs crossed,open-necked shirt, sweating profusely. Women in the main walked in,had a choice of seats...all predominately sat quite close to the sweater.

If the scene wasn't rigged then would it be fair to say ladies that washing, aftershave,deodorant etc for a man who wants to attract a female of sorts or maybe a 'bevy of sorts down by the levy,' actually IS a waste of time and money?

Then would it be possible for chemists to isolate/encapsulate the perfumic attractional lure and inject it into a 'lady bait' cannister, impersonating a heavily sweating type male? Like say for instance the guy is relatively clean just a quick spray of 'SWEAT' under the armpits would do the trick?

Or, if you you are a bit short of dough run around the block a dozen times then enter a nightclub or bar dripping like a melting man icy pole ready to be ravished at will?

That leaves a question of sorts. If all what i have alluded to and 'study' sites have suggested such, then would that be why women wash their husbands' shirts and T's because if they don't their menfolk would become sweaty walking chick magnets and stray?

Why doesn't a washing powder manufacturer produce a 'SWEAT' gland simile that impersonates same but i guess that would be counterproductive as the ladies might just as well leave the shirts etc dirty and ingrained with 'manliness' ?

Are there any women-hate to ask this as it's a bit embarrassing- who are under the linen cupboard 'sniffers'? IE: you keep a pair of your partners jocks and or shirt or T variety whereupon you have a quickie sniff to keep you going through the day?

Are YOU in FACT currently receiving anti-sniff treatment to wean you off this habit? Do you walk past work sites girls and lift a worker's vibrating arm hanging off a jackhammer and have a quick sniff of a sweaty armpit...discreetly of course. Obviously if you're married you would get your single girlfriend to save her unwashed nostril pre-sniffer til lunch break so that the touching of noses would give of a Nostrildamnass sharedom over a sly giggle description of furtive jackhammer scent from what site?

If all my assumptions are correct and i'm on the right train of thought then men's toiletries will become extinct as opposed to 'stink on demand'? No more, or little washing, girls...perhaps like swap cards you could swap smells via T-shirt swap. Some t-shirts may have a familiar smell or ring to them in some quarters? Or better halves? I have got to know your opinion ladies as i'm not going to lose any sweat over my plan to produce a spray or indeed not wash for a month or so if you deem my proposal as smelling 'OFF' and not worthy of a distant pong of encouragement.

In closing may i make this suggestion. If you haven't already seen a movie called PERFUME watch it as it ties in with what i've been saying. The ending is to say the least-SURREAL! The movie has been around for a while,odd, but VERY entertaining.

Look i'll be washing my own shirts shortly but i won't if i can get enough female sniffers on board...or at least within a sweaty handshake...all above bored of course. What about a muscular mechanic reeking of used oil overlay, smear of grease, mixed of course with an overwhelming sweat garnered from a 14 hr cabana breath smile! Did i hear yews say YUM!

Yes all sweat and no play makes for a dull day. Then again isn't there an old saying "wake up and smell the roses?" Sweaty ones?

I rest my sweat.

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